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International Partnerships


As an international research university, the University of Bonn maintains a variety of excellent relationships with renowned higher education institutions from around the globe. As a result, the university’s international connections are extremely diverse: In addition to the numerous research collaborations of its scholars, institutes and faculties, the University of Bonn has also cultivated an impressive cross-faculty partnership network with over 70 higher education institutions worldwide. Moreover, the Erasmus program provides for lively exchange with over 300 European higher education institutions.



United Nations


Memberships in international networks and institutions

Faculty and Institute Partnerships

The various faculties and institutes at the University of Bonn maintain many of their own cooperation projects. More information about these projects can be obtained by directly contacting the respective faculty or institute.



International Office
Partnerships and International Researchers
Tina Odenthal, Head of Section
Phone: +49 228 73-6190


Valid: 2021 February

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