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Beethoven's native city is a an important cultural center in Germany. Apart from several top-notch museums and art galleries, Bonn is home to an opera house, various theaters, concert halls and libraries.

Did you know that the University of Bonn itself hosts an exciting variety of great museums and collections? Have fun exploring! 

Museums and Galleries

Opera, Theater, Music


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In addition to university sports you will find many sports associations and groups that you can participate in. If you prefer individual training, you may want to consider one of several fitness studios in Bonn.

Did you know that Bonn is home to one of the best basketball teams in Germany - the Telekom Baskets? Fancy following a match?

Top-Class Sports in Bonn

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Leisure Time

The city and region around Bonn is filled with opportunities to engage in many different kinds of leisure activities. Whether you seek recreation, nature adventures or family activities - the region has many things to offer!


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