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Are you planning to move your family to Bonn during your research stay? In this section, we have compiled information on childcare, schools and financial allowances. We hope that this information will help you and your family to make a smoother transition to living in Bonn.

Bonn Spouse Network

The Bonn Spouse Network is a network for spouses, partners and family members of researchers at the University of Bonn. The network serves as a platform for exchange and common activities. We aim at facilitating your start in a new evironment and kindly invite you to join our events and meetings.

Further information: Bonn Spouse Network 


Childcare in Germany

EURAXESS Germany offers general information on childcare and kindergarten in Germany.

Childcare Centers in Bonn

There are many public and private childcare centers in Bonn. Please note that the demand for childcare and especially for programs offering full-day care is rather high in Bonn. You should therefore start looking for a suitable place as early as possible.

Childcare Centers for University Staff

The childcare centers "Newmanhaus" and "Auf dem Hügel", run by Bonn Student Services, primarily serve University of Bonn faculty and staff. Programs are offered for children from the age of 4 months to 6 years.

International Childcare Programs in Bonn

There are several institutions offering programs in English, French, Spanish or even bilingual.

The institutions listed below are only the programs that we are aware of. The Welcome Center does not guarantee that the information provided here is complete, correct or up-to-date.

Family Day Care

Apart from childcare centers there are also childminders who offer family day care. They usually care for a group of up to five children in their home.


School System in Germany

Please read the general information on the school system in Germany that EURAXESS Germany has compiled.

Schools in Bonn

Information on schools and education is available from the city's website.

There you will find a complete list of schools in Bonn - sorted according to type of school.

International Schools in Bonn

There are several international or bilingual schools in Bonn offering programs in English, French or Spanish.

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools

Benefits for Families

Under certain circumstances foreign parents are also entitled to apply for a child allowance ("Kindergeld") and a parental allowance ("Elterngeld").

Child Benefit

Parents are eligible to apply for "Kindergeld" (child allowance) for children up to the age of 18. Child allowance is usually paid when the applicant is domiciled or a permanent resident in Germany. 

Applications must be submitted in writing to the local Family Benefits Office ("Familienkasse"). For staff at the University of Bonn (except EU citizens) the local Family Benefits Office is located at the "Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung NRW (LBV)":


40192 Düsseldorf

E-mail: kindergeld[at]

You will find the name and contact details of the responsible administrator on your salary statement.

Application forms and further information (LBV):

For those who do not draw their salary from LBV and for university staff who are EU citizens: If you are registered at the City of Bonn, please consult the Family Benefits Office at the local employment agency ("Agentur für Arbeit").

Employment Agency Bonn
Villemombler Str. 101
53124 Bonn

Parental Allowance

A parental allowance is provided after the birth of a child. It compensates the loss of income for a limited period of time.

Due to extensive legal regulations, we recommend consulting one of the following service units:

Family Office at the University of Bonn

The Family Support Office provides information and advice on the compatibility of family and career to all university members. Please consult the Family Support Office on matters such as:

  • Maternity leave and parental leave
  • Childcare
  • Family benefits

More information: Family Support Office


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