Doctors and Health

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The health care system in Bonn is excellent. A high density of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies guarantees outstanding treatment.

Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency Doctor and Fire Department: 112

  • Police: 110

  • Poison Control Center for Bonn and NRW: (0228) 19 240

Medical emergency services, if you need to see a doctor outside of regular consultation hours, during the night or on weekends: 

  • Medical emergency number: (0180) 50 44 100

  • Medical emergency number for private patients: (0228) 19 257

  • Dental emergency number: (0180) 59 86 700

  • Pediatric emergency number: (0228) 2 42 54 44

Further emergency numbers for Bonn can be found here.

Doctors and Hospitals

Browse the city's Health Care Portal to find out more about the excellent health care situation in Bonn.


The opening hours of German pharmacies are rather short and do not always act in accordance with regular shopping hours. Please note that there is always a pharmacy on-duty around the clock. A list of pharmacies on-duty can be found on the door of every pharmacy and in the internet.

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