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If you don't already have bank account in the SEPA ("Single European Payment Area"), we do recommend to open a bank account in Germany, so that you can receive your wage or scholarship. On the other hand, if you already have a SEPA bank account, you don't need to open a bank account in Germany, as transfers are handled equally anywhere in the SEPA.

When opening a bank account in Germany, you usually get an EC and/or credit card. In Germany, the EC card is used for cashlesss payments in shops and restaurants, whereas the credit card is mostly used to do online business.

Please note: In order to be able to open a bank account in Germany, you will need to have registered your residence. Furthermore, you will need to provide your bank with a German tax identification number (tax ID) no later than 90 days after opening the account. The tax ID will be sent to you by post after registering your residence and should be submitted to the bank at your earliest convenience.

A wide range of banks in Bonn offer the common checking account ("Girokonto"), which may vary in type, services provided and price. The links below include just a few banks and not a complete listing (pages mostly in German):

Our Welcome Center staff would be glad to assist you with opening a bank account.

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