Family Benefits

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Families in Germany receive governmental support. The Child Benefit is one of the most important family benefits, as families profit directly and are, therefore, financially relieved. The Parental Benefit, on the other hand, compensates missing income if parents choose to care for their child after birth. Further benefits are available for expectant mothers. You can find a good overview on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Children and Youth

Child Benefit

Parents are entitled to child benefit until their child turns 18. If the child takes up a place on a vocational training course or is studying, this entitlement continues until the child turns 25 as a maximum.

As of January 2018, for the first and second child, child benefit is 194 €/month; for the third child it is 200 € and for additional children the sum is 225 €.

Nationals of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland are, just like German citizens, entitled to child benefit if they live and/or work in Germany. Other foreign parents are generally also entitled to child benefit, if they have a valid settlement or residence permit which allows them to legally work in Germany.

How do I apply for child benefit?

  • Employees of the University of Bonn apply for child benefit at the Family Benefits Office of the Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung (LBV) in Düsseldorf. Foreign parents from outside the EU, the EEA or Switzerland are only entitled to child benefit if their child is in Germany for at least 6 months constantly and if they have a valid settlement or residence permit which allows them to legally work in Germany.
  • If you are not employed at the University of Bonn, you can apply for child benefit at the Family Benefits Office of the local Employment Agency. 
  • The application for child benefit has to be in writing. 

Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung NRW
Family Benefits Office
40192 Düsseldorf

  • Phone: LBV Kindergeld
  • E-mail: kindergeld[at]
  • You can find the responsible desk officer (incl. phone number) on your payslip.

Familiy Benefits Office of the Employment Agency
Villemombler Str. 101
53123 Bonn

Parental Benefits

Parental benefits even out the shortfall of salaries after the birth of a child. The benefits amount to 65-67 % of the average monthly available steady income through work before birth, after deduction of taxes, social contributions and tax allowable expenses; but only up to a maximum of 1.800 € and 300 € as a minimum.

Since 0101.2015 parental benefits in this form can be obtained as so-called ‘Basiselterngeld’ by mother and father of a child for a duration of 14 months maximum. The parents can freely distribute the time period of cover between themselves. One parent can claim parental benefits for a maximum of 12 months. The duration of the cover increases by two additional months, if the partner participates in the care of the child.

Single parents are entitled to 14 months of claims by themselves.

Because of extensive legal regulations we refer to further information on the following webpages:


The University of Bonn maintains its own Family Office - Familienbürowhere you can get further advice.


How to apply for partental benefits?

Parental benefits have to be applied for in writing at the responsible ‘Elterngeldstellen’ of the respective state. In Bonn the ‘Elterngeldstelle’ is situated at the ‘Amt für Kinder, Jugend und Familie’. Each parent can apply for themselves once. The application does not have to be made immediately after the birth of the child. Backdated payments though are only made for the last 3 months before the beginning of the month in which the application for parental benefits has been received.


Bundesstadt Bonn
Amt für Kinder, Jugend und Familie
53103 Bonn


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