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If you are bringing your children with you to Germany you should look into the question of child care at the earliest opportunity and probably take steps to find a place for your children while you are still at home. The Welcome Center will gladly provide initial orientation and refer more specific questions to the experts of the Family Office at the University of Bonn

Child Care Centers

In Bonn, you can find a large number of different child care centers: public, private, denominational and international. The University of Bonn also has its own child care centers for students and staff members with children. Yet, the demand for places is much higher than what there is on offer. Therefore, we strongly recommend to search for suitable child care solutions as early as possible. Usually, children aged 1 to 6 can be considered for child care. As a rule, admissions are on 1 August of each year and applications are accepted until mid/end January. Admissions during the year are less common and mostly depending on vacancies due to families moving to another city.

Child care centers are liable to costs. The level of the costs to be covered depends on the parents' income.

Information Points:

Child Care at the University of Bonn


International Child Care

There are several child care centers in Bonn offering care in English, French, Spanish or partly bilingual. The centers mentioned on this website are known to our Welcome Center team. The Welcome Center can guarantee neither for their quality nor for the completeness of the information given.

Day Care

In-home day care providers, in German "Tagesmütter" or "Tagesväter" (day mothers or day fathers), provide individualized care and have more flexible hours. They usually look after several children at a time in their own homes. In-home child care providers are trained and must have an official “Pflegeerlaubnis” (licence) from the local Office for Children, Youth and Family.

The best way of finding babysitters to look after your children for only a few hours during the day or in the evenings, is to ask colleagues or neighbors.

Your first contact point for day care in Bonn is the "Netzwerk Kinderbetreuung in Familien Bonn" (In-home Day Care Network Bonn). Be sure to arrange an appointment with the network staff at an early stage.

Netzwerk Kinderbetreuung in Familien Bonn

Caritas-Verband für die Stadt Bonn e.V.
Fritz-Tillmann-Str. 8 - 12 
53113 Bonn 

Flexible Emergency Child Care

If the in-home day care provider is suddenly falling sick or the child care centers is closed due to internal training, the "pme Family Service" is a pragmatic solution.

Children aged 4 months to 12 years can be looked after from 6 am to 12 pm (midnight), in case of emergency even over night. Employees of the University of Bonn may use this service five times per year and only during hours in which they are obliged to follow business activities. The costs are covered by the University of Bonn.      

The children will be looked after by professional staff and will receive regular meals. The center is located in the Dottendorf borough. It can be visited each first Saturday of a month from 10 am to 2 pm.

  • Phone: 0228/915697-0
  • Hotline 0800 - 80 100 70 80 (out of office hours)
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