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Stay on top of things with our checklists at every stage of your stay.

Before your stay

You will have to deal with many issues when planning a stay at the University of Bonn. Entry requirements, insurance, finding accommodation, and planning your journey are all topics requiring thought and preparation. We recommend that you begin dealing with them at an early stage. You should probably apply for some documents that you will require in Germany as soon as possible and then have them translated. It may also take you several months to receive a visa.

We have summarised the most important points on the following pages. If you still have questions, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide additional help.

After your arrival

There are a few things you will need to do during your first few weeks in Bonn – for example, if you are staying for a longer period you must register with the Bürgeramt and apply for a residence permit. You may also need a few things for your work and leisure time such as a library card, a bank account or a SIM card so that you can be contacted on a German telephone number. We generally recommend that before you arrive, you arrange an appointment with us for an initial consultation – ideally to take place during the first few weeks of your stay. During this consultation, we will go over all of the information with you and provide assistance related to the specific challenges you must face after arriving in Bonn. Beforehand, you can use the information compiled here as orientation and to gain an overview of the steps required.

Before your departure

We recommend that you plan sufficient time for some preparations before you leave. Cancelling telephone contracts and bank accounts, etc. can sometimes take more time than you think.We have put together an overview of the key points you should take care of. Would you like to keep in touch with the University of Bonn? Then become a member of our worldwide alumni networkand benefit from special offers for international research alumni.

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