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Before leaving Bonn


We recommend that you plan sufficient time for some preparations before you leave. Cancelling telephone contracts and bank accounts, etc. can sometimes take more time than you think.We have put together an overview of the key points you should take care of. Would you like to keep in touch with the University of Bonn? Then become a member of our worldwide alumni network and benefit from special offers for international research alumni.

  • Checklist "Before leaving Bonn" (PDF)

  • De-registering your residence in Bonn

    Before leaving abroad, you are required to de-register your residence in Bonn. De-registration is not necessary if you are moving within Germany. If you move abroad, please de-register as follows:

    1) Fill the online form, then print, sign and scan it.

    2) Please send the form attached to an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] and state in your email that you'd like to receive a confirmation of your de-registration by email.

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