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Advice on International Cooperation and Funding Programs


Among the most important questions with regards to establishing new and further developing existing agreements in the area of research cooperation and student exchange is funding.

Programs administered by the International Office

Promotion of International Cooperation Projects

Within the framework of its strategic internationalization, the University of Bonn promotes cooperation with researchers in priority countries for international collaboration.

The aim is to initiate and promote international cooperation projects – in particular with partners in priority countries – for international collaboration and to prepare applications for third-party funding for the longer-term implementation of the projects. There is special support for cooperation with strategic partner universities of the University of Bonn.

Please find further information in the current announcement. Applications for plans in 2019 are currently possible.


Please address any questions about the funding program to:

International Office
Dr Kai Sicks, Director
Phone: +49 228 73-5950

Travel Grants to Waseda University University Tokyo (Japan)

As part of its strategic partnership with Waseda University Tokyo (Japan), the University of Bonn is awarding travel grants for researchers from the University of Bonn to visit Waseda University. 

With this measure, the University of Bonn intends to expand and intensify the cross-faculty cooperation as laid down in the strategic partnership agreement.

Please find further information in the current announcement. Applications for plans in 2019 are currently possible.

► Online application  

If you have questions concerning the program, please do not hesitate to contact:

International Office
Tina Odenthal
Phone: +49 228 73-6190

Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Brigitte Engelmann
Phone: +49 228 73-7293

Ernst Robert Curtius Chair

An agreement exists with the Collège de France to establish an Ernst Robert Curtius Chair. A guest chair for professors of Collège de France, named Ernst Robert Curtius Guest professorship, is officially being established at the university for all faculties. Herewith each year one to four professors of the Collège can teach at the university (lectures with or without seminars), according to flexible arrangements. These correspond with the proposals of the inviting figures and are stipulated in agreement with the guest professors in regards to topics, duration and dates of the teaching activity. The university pays for travel and accommodation. The remuneration of the professors is financed by the Collège.

Furthermore, the Collège invites around 40 international professors and scholars each year to give talks (four lectures can become a publication) in the frame of its internationalization policy.

Every year the Collège chooses candidates for its guest chairs (International Chair, Chair for Artistic Work, Lilliane Betancourt Chair for Theological Invasion ’Knowledge and Poverty). The Collège has the opportunity to take up around 30 post-doctoral researchers for internships at the chairs each year. The contacts envisaged between professors of the Collège and the university in the frame of this agreement are supposed to strengthen this type of exchange between the two institutions.

For inquiries on this program, please contact us in due time, at least before November 30th, for measures planned for the forthcoming year:

International Office
Tina Odenthal
Phone: +49 228 73-6190
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Cooperation with Eastern Europe

The University of Bonn was able to attract DAAD funds to promote existing as well as initiate new partnerships with universities in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Major constituent of the program is the exchange of researchers and students of all subject areas. It is the aim of the partnership program to encourage a broadly applied cooperation in teaching and research among this group of people.

Due to this, short-term exchanges between involved universities can be funded. This includes the funding of travel costs from the sending university to the guest university, as well as the funding of the costs of the stay for the international participants in Bonn. The International Office (Section 6.1) is the central point for the planning, processing and accounting of these funds.

For inquiries on this program, please contact us in due time, at least before November 30th, for measures planned for the forthcoming year:

International Office

Brigitte Engelmann
Phone: +49 228 73-7293
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Information on further Funding Opportunities

In view to the limited funding opportunities within the University, the acquisition of third party funding gains further importance. Therefore, we would like to provide you with further information on external funding opportunities below.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH)

The AvH facilitates science cooperation between excellent international and German scientists through funding of scholarships and awards. 

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

You are a scientist, researcher or student interested in transnational projects and cooperation? Under you will find a guide to international cooperation in education and research. Especially under the heading ‚Aktuelles‘ you will find information on current funding programs and announcements.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

With its support program DAAD offers German universities opportunities to extend international networks and the implementation of their internationalization strategies. 

The DAAD acts as a renowned stakeholder in the field of development cooperation in manifold ways by means of its differentiated offer of scholarships and tutoring programs. The countries of the south are becoming increasingly important as partners for the solution of global questions regarding the future. Through this rises the significance of university education in these countries.

If you want to teach and research at an international university, if you have recently graduated or you are a junior researcher or professor at a German university, then the DAAD has got a number of programs in store for you.

German Research Foundation (DFG)

A number of programs and funding opportunities of DFG have a specifically international orientation. International research cooperation can be funded in the frame of single projects, coordinated programs as well as in the form of project preparatory measures. Apart from these there are regional and subject specific funding opportunities as well as promotional programs for young researchers, for guest professorships and the funding of congress, contact, lecture and information travels.

European Union (EU)

‘Horizont 2020’ is the EU frame program for research and innovation. This promotes scientific researchers and organizations, combined with EU structural funds, for them to implement new ideas. The program supports activities in all phases: from fundamental research over application oriented research up to market launch of new technologies and services.

Further information:

You want to develop a research project together with European and/or international partners or you want to participate in European networks? You will find information and guidance on the pages of EuroConsult Research & Education, an establishment by the Ministry for Science and Research of the State North Rhine Westphalia, with its domicile at the University of Bonn.

With ERASMUS+ the European Union offers a support program for university cooperation and for the intensification of the mobility of students, graduates and researchers. As a national agency respectively an implementation office, DAAD provides information and advice on the three leading activities under the roof of ERASMUS+: (1) mobility within program and partner countries (2) partnerships (3) support of political reform processes.

Further Exchange and Mobility Schemes

General information about graduate and post graduate programs for international students in Bonn as well as for students and postgraduates from Bonn to go abroad, can be found on the respective pages of the International Office.

Other Foundations

Foundations are increasingly gaining importance in the acquisition of third party funds for the promotion of science, research and teaching. Under you have direct access to the foundation database.

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