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Advice Regarding International Cooperation and Funding Programs


Financing is one of the most important questions when it comes to establishing new partnership programs or moving forward with existing ones in the areas of research cooperation and academic exchanges (students and/or researchers).

Programs Administered by the International Office

Promoting international collaboration and building profile at the University of Bonn

The expansion of global cooperation agreements to advance the University of Bonn’s profile is an important part of its Excellence Strategy. Central goals in this context are the systematic, continuing development of strategic partnerships (e.g. Networks 4, “Global Competence Centers”) and targeted funding of cooperation agreements with universities in the so-called Global South (e.g. Impact 3/“Cooperation in the Global south”).

To meet those goals, we are offering four funding lines to support the internationalization of Bonn’s researchers across all disciplines. The main aim of the funding is to promote the internationalization of high-profile research areas (transdisciplinary research areas).

Funding being offered under the Excellence Strategy (January 2020)

Please direct questions on the funding program to:

International Office
Dr. Kai Sicks, Director
Phone: +49 228 73-5950

Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Cooperation agreement with the Collège de France: Ernst Robert Curtius Visiting Professorship

The Collège de France is one of the most renowned academic institutions in France. Members of the Collège are internationally prominent researchers in their respective fields.

The University of Bonn’s Ernst Robert Curtius Visiting Professorship is a cooperation agreement with the Collège de France that is one of a kind in Germany. Under this program, professors at the Collège can be invited to the University of Bonn to give guest lectures.

You can find a list of all professorships at the Collège and their holders here:

Please send invitation proposals to Section 6.1. Partnerships and International Researchers by the end of March of each year. For further details, please see the announcement.

In addition, under its internationalization policy the Collège de France invites some 40 foreign professors each year to give lectures in Paris. Moreover, to promote junior researchers, the Collège offers research positions to doctoral candidates and postdocs.

► Announcement of Ernst Robert Curtius Visiting Professorship

Please send all queries regarding this program to:

International Office
Partnerships and International Researchers
Tina Odenthal, Head of Section
Phone: +49 228 73-6190

Eastern European Partnerships – cooperation agreements with the universities of Warsaw, Prague, Wrocław, HSE St. Petersburg

The University of Bonn has acquired funding from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) under the so-called Eastern European Partnership Program. The goal of this program is to promote partnerships with institutions of higher education in Eastern and Southern Europe and the CIS countries. Partnership activities are funded in all academic disciplines and at all academic levels.

Within this program, the University of Bonn has standing partnership agreements with the University of Warsaw, Charles University in Prague, the University of Wrocław and the HSE St. Petersburg.

At the program’s core are its exchanges for scientists and students in all fields of study. The funds may be used to defray the expenses of Bonn-based exchange participants for travel to the partner university as well as costs incurred by foreign exchange participants while they are in Bonn. The International Office is the central point for planning, processing and balancing the allocation of funds.

For questions regarding funding allowances and possibilities to take part in the program, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you. Proposals for funding under one of our programs should reach us by November 30 for activities planned for the following year.

Please direct all queries regarding this program to:

International Office
Partnerships and International Researchers
Tina Odenthal, Head of Section
Phone: +49 228 73-6190

Erasmus Program Funding

The Erasmus Program

The Erasmus Program provides funding for cooperation agreements and (usually multilateral) projects to promote mobility and collaboration between universities.

► More Information about the Erasmus Program

For questions about the Erasmus Program please contact:

International Office
International Outbound Mobility
Susanne Maraizu, Head of Section
Phone: +49 228 73-6793

Information About Other Funding Options

Given that university-internal funding is limited, third-party funding options are becoming increasingly important. Hence, we would now like to offer you further information on such funding programs below. 


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH)

The AvH funds scientific cooperation between excellent foreign and German researchers by awarding scholarships and prizes. 

► Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Are you a researcher, scientist or student interested in transnational projects and collaborations? The website International Cooperation provides a guide to international cooperation in education and research. In particular, the website’s “News” tab will inform you of current funding programs and announcements.

International Cooperation

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The DAAD offers funding programs to German universities that they can use to expand international networks and implement their internationalization strategies.

► Informationen for universities


The DAAD is actively engaged in many different ways, offering a varied range of scholarships and advisory programs, and is an acknowledged player in development cooperation. The countries of the Southern Hemisphere are becoming increasingly important as partners in solving questions regarding the future of the planet. As such, the importance of higher education in these countries is also growing.

► More information on development cooperation


If you would like to teach and pursue research at a foreign institution of higher education, have just completed your university degree or are a junior researcher or an instructor at a German university, the DAAD has a number of programs for you.

► More information on teaching abroad

German Research Foundation (DFG)

A number of the DFG’s programs and funding possibilities have a specific international orientation. International research cooperation agreements can be funded as individual projects, as coordinated programs and in the form of exploratory workshops. Additionally, there are funding possibilities for specific geographic regions and fields of study, funding programs for junior researchers and visiting professors, and funding to cover travel expenses for congresses, networking, lectures and fact-finding.

German Research Foundation

The European Union (EU)

The EU’s framework funding program for research and innovation, “Horizon 2020,” has been in existence since 2014. Working together with the EU’s structural funds, the DFG supports academic and corporate researchers in implementing their new ideas. And it does so at all phases: from basic research to application-oriented research to the market introduction of new technologies and services. Additional Information:

► Web portal of NRW government

► Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

JSPS offers funding programs for research stays in Japan and provides information on Japanese universities and research institutions.

► JSPS funding programs

Other Foundations

Foundations are becoming increasingly important as a source of third-party funding for science, research and teaching. offers a list of all foundations in Germany.

Stiftungsindex, German non-profit foundations


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