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Museums and Academic Collections

Bonn's many museums and exhibitions have contributed to the city's attractiveness as a centre of culture and science. The university can claim a major role here, too, since it has a number of important museums that serve as centres of academic training and research and open their treasures to the public.
A visit to any of these museums will undoubtedly be both entertaining and informative:

Ägyptisches Museum

- Bonn's collection of around 3,000 original Egyptian artefacts

Akademisches Kunstmuseum

- antique artefacts and casts museum, featuring one of the world's largest collection of plaster casts of Antique sculptures


- part of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics, displaying the world's leading collection of historical mechanical calculating machines (more than 1,200 exhibits)

Botanischer Garten

- one of the oldest botanical gardens in Germany, with an enormous range of plant and tree species

Goldfuß - Museum

- in the Institute for Palaeontology, with a fascinating collection of fossils systematically displayed

Horst - Stoeckel - Museum

- the most comprehensive museum of the history of anaesthetics in Europe

Mineralogisches Museum

- containing a collection of precious stones and meteorites of international standing

Hoher List Observatory:

- near Daun in the Eifel Hills, offers regularly guided tours and public talks

Zoologisches Forschungsinstitut und Museum Alexander Koenig:

- one of the major natural history research museums in Germany and a partner institution of the University of Bonn

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