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Section "European & International Networking"

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The goal of the section "European & International Networking" is to establish and foster networks on the European and international level and to interlink the University of Bonn with European and international organizations and stakeholders.

Our networking activities are supported by Bonn's unique location advantage within Germany, characterized by a large number of scientific institutions, research funding organizations, UN agencies and other institutions that operate internationally which are situated in Bonn. Bonn's unique location advantage and our strong regional network serve as our gateway to the world, enabling us to strengthen our European and international networks in a sustainable manner. 


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   Christine Müller
   Head of Section
   Regional coordination Africa
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-1966
   Email: christine.mueller(at)


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   Monique Trachsel
   Deputy Head of Section
   Summer School on Intellectual Property
   Project Management of third-party funded projects
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-3260
   Email: m.trachsel(at)



Monique Trachsel

   Kim Kiel
   International Event Management
   Project Management of third-party funded projects
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-60617
   Email: dubenkropp(at)



Sandra Gilgan

   Sandra Gilgan
   Managing Director of the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-60594
   Email: s.gilgan(at)




Simone Heinze

   Simone Heinze
   Financial Management (third-party funded projects)
   Maintenance of the website
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-60618
   Email: s.heinze(at)



   Una Kliemann
   Project Manager of the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-60615
   Email: u.kliemann(at)




Mira Zöller

   Mira Zöller
   Project Management International Short Programs
   Alumni Spring School on Global Transformation towards Sustainability
   Summer School on Intellectual Property
   Consulting of departments concerning the organization of short courses
   Coordination of the "Bonn Summer & Winter Schools" Portal
   Phone: +49 (0228) 73-60493
   Email: m.zoeller(at)


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