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Karriereabend Asienwissenschaften

At the events “Karriereabend Asienwissenschaften “, organized by the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies (IOA), students get an insight on how they can improve and extend their language and subject-specific skills during their course of studies.
The focus of every “Karriereabend Asienwissenschaften” are the possibilities, in which Asian scientists can and should put emphasis on certain aspects in their career profile in order to prepare for their intended professional practice after their graduation.
For this purpose, different theme evenings are organized that reach from competency development, stay abroad programs and internships to networking. The career evening is hold once every semester. Please note that all career evenings are held in German.
Further information regarding the career evenings, which were held every semester since the winter semester of 2015/2016 and organized by the studies coordination team of Asian Studies, can be found here.

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