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Former Participants' Feedback Development Policy

Since 2016, we welcome graduate and postgraduate students as well as young professionals to our Summer School on Development Policy. Some of our former participants share their experiences and impressions:

I learnt a lot about development policy

I loved the summer school and met incredibly interesting people. I especially enjoyed the trip to the GIZ. I highly recommend this summer school.

Emily Bartels-Bland, Communications Consultant at the World Bank and Master´s Candidate, American University

 I found a vibrant community of people who had a deep interest in development

The Summer School was a wonderful experience on development topics and international cooperation. As a Sociologist and passionate about teaching and education, I found a vibrant community of people who had a deep interest in development and discussions on economics, health, education and gender around the world. Also, my learning was enriched through great experiences in the European Commission, GIZ and United Nations where I had the opportunity to interact with key actors in international development. Currently, these experiences at the University of Bonn are relevant to my work as a Lecturer in Peru. For these reasons, I highly recommend this Summer School for those who have a passion and special interest in the exchange of fantastic experiences on international development in the beautiful city of Bonn.

Silvia Espinal Meza, Lecturer in Sociology, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)

Get to know the variety of fields within Development Policy and share experiences with colleagues from different countries

The broad range of projects that the theme of Development Policy can cover is impressive. The subjects on development policies were presented in 13 modules. Very interesting cooperation initiatives were introduced and the invited experts described their involvements, which I found really valuable lessons. The excursions were particularly enriching experiences: visiting the institutions helped to gain a more realistic understanding of their activities. Moreover, each time you get in contact with professionals from different fields of knowledge you get a broader learning experience. I enjoyed seeing the position of my country in some areas of Development Policy in the eyes of these international specialists.
Additionally, Bonn is a cozy and vivid city. The international environment makes you feel easily welcomed. I am grateful for the sunny days of studies there and getting to know so many nice people. I'd be glad to return to Bonn and work professionally with Development Issues. 
Ana Elisa Frings, Journalism student State University of Londrina, Brazil

Perfect opportunity to broaden my knowledge about development
The Summer School on Development Policy was the perfect opportunity to broaden my knowledge about development, not only because the lecturers’ expertise in the field, but the workshops and the visits to international organizations located in Bonn and Brussels that were arranged by the staff. My classmates were from different countries and backgrounds and spending the summer with them has opened my perspective of how policies are made all around the world. We had an amazing time and I am still in contact with most of them, I am planning to meet some of them soon. Since the program focuses on several areas of development, it has contributed to the selection of the major of the Master that I will enroll for. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone interested on this field.
Nayelly Landeros, National University of Mexico

The highlight was visiting the European Parliament in Brussels
I was originally drawn to this Summer School because of the excursion opportunities to visit key organizations in the development sector. They did not disappoint! Our hosts were generous with their time and knowledge and were happy to cater the experience to the interests of the group. The highlight was visiting the European Parliament in Brussels and learning about the EU political system and process. I originally came in with an environmental background and general interest in development, and after engaging with researchers and practitioners in areas like health and security, I have a heightened awareness of how these issues interlink with each other. As an American student interested in international issues, I definitely gained new perspectives on how Germany and Europe has historically approached these complex matters and how they are currently facing anticipated challenges that will have an effect worldwide. Danke for everything!
Jessica Leung, Masters in Environmental Management Graduate, 2017 School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University

The lectures and experts gave a good overview about the wide field of development policy

When I applied for the Summer School on Development Policy, I was really excited about the topics, lectures and excursions.

The lectures and experts gave a good overview about the wide field of development policy, so that afterwards everyone could further deepen his/her knowledge in whatever he/she was interested in. 

Especially the excursion to GIZ was interesting and encouraging because of all the insights into the project management. For me, it was really valuable to get to know so many people from all around the world with different backgrounds and to see that there are still so many young persons who still believe that we can make the world a better place and who are willing to work for it. 

Thank you for the great and valuable time.

Katharina Maus, Fraunhofer Society Birlinghoven, St. Augustin  

I also had the chance of establishing professional contact with my colleagues, increasing my network in Germany and around the world 

The Summer School on Development Policy provided me with a great overview of what development cooperation is as a policy field, bringing rich insights from specialists from development agencies working in Germany and around the world. The variety of topics covered by the program offers students a unique opportunity to learn about the most important policy fields. I particularly enjoyed the contact with specialists from GIZ and DIE, and I got to know the work of important agencies. I also had the chance of establishing professional contact with my colleagues, increasing my network in Germany and around the world. The knowledge sharing during the lectures was an important academic experience and I could say that some of the modules helped me with my own research and professional choices.

Zena Mouawad, Master´s Candidate Development and Governance, Duisburg-Essen University