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Since we check and approve every post in the backend, the publication can take up to two days. As soon as an approval is made and message and photo are published, the user will be informed by email.

No, the graduation video will only be sent to the user himself/herself and deleted afterwards. However, we are very happy if the video is shared via own social media channels with the #unifest2021.

The postcard is sent to your own email address, it is not uploaded to our website. The photo for the mosaic will automatically be part of an online public collage.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. In this case, please contact the Unifest team by email at universitaetsfest@uni-bonn.de and we can take care of it.

There will be a merchandise stand at the Graduation Walk. Among other things, graduation shirts can be purchased there.

If you have problems or questions regarding the Graduation Box, please contact the provider of the box directly: https://www.horbach.de/formulare/kontakt.html.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the online offerings, please feel free to email the Unifest team at universitaetsfest@uni-bonn.de. We will address your concerns as soon as possible.

Graduation Walk

At the Walk, you can expect various stations with exciting offerings. You can visit the campus store, have photos taken, and receive a decorative certificate from your faculty.

Both the number of permitted escorts and the schedule of the Graduation Walk are subject to change depending on the pandemic situation. We have to orientate ourselves on the current infection situation and adapt our hygiene concepts accordingly. In order to ensure that the Graduation Walk runs smoothly, any changes will be communicated in good time. More detailed information will follow.

This depends on the corona protection regulation in force at that time. Should this occur, we will advise again via email in advance.

This depends on the corona protection regulation then in force. To be on the safe side, please bring a mouth/nose covering or FFP2 mask.

We will inform the registered graduates about changes in the program as well as about hygiene regulations by e-mail. In addition, we will also publish all relevant information in advance on the Unifest homepage.

You can find the conditions of participation here. After the registration deadline, we will contact the respective examination offices. We will then inform you of the examination office's confirmation of participation.

Yes, in this case we ask you to contact us in advance at universitaetsfest@uni-bonn.de.

Graduates from previous years can participate in the Graduation Walk, but the graduation must not be older than 6 years (i.e. it must have taken place after 01.01.2015). Participation in a previous graduation ceremony must not have occurred. Participation in last year's digital Unifest does not count as participation. You can find the complete conditions of participation here. We would like to point out that places are limited.

There is no participation fee for the Walk. However, graduates must walk through the event in the traditional gown and beret. Both must be ordered in advance of the event from our cooperation partner Robe Academicus. The link to the vendor will be automatically sent to graduates after they register for the Graduation Walk.  For the rental of gown and beret the provider will charge a rental fee of 15,00 €. In addition, a rental deposit of 70.00 € will be charged. After returning the clothing, it will be transferred back to the specified account. Graduates will receive their gown and beret at the start of the Graduation Walk.

There is no dress code for accompanying persons.

No, the event area is not covered. Please dress accordingly and bring an umbrella if necessary.

In principle, the event will take place even in bad weather. In case of severe thunderstorms, storms or similar, a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis with the local authorities on how to proceed.

If you are unable to attend, please send an email to: universitaetsfest@uni-bonn.de.

Yes, this is normal. The communication is only through the graduates*. Please inform your accompanying persons about possible changes.

In this case, please contact us by e-mail at universitaetsfest@uni-bonn.de and indicate the persons including the required data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address).

In the course of the registration you may name three accompanying persons who can accompany you during your Walk. However, the final decision depends on the official requirements for the day of the event.

There are photo stations where you can take photos and take them home printed. Of course you can also take photos yourself. We ask you to go through the stations quickly one after the other and not to spend too long taking private photos.

Drinks and snacks can be purchased during the event. These must then be consumed during the Walk, as there must be no accumulation.

Yes, but you may only consume them during the walk. Unfortunately, lingering in the sense of picnics etc. on the Hofgartenwiese or in the circulation is not possible due to the current situation.


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