special social commitment
as shown by the winners of the DAAD Prize

The price of the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD

The German Academic Exchange Service Prize, the DAAD Prize, honors special academic achievements, but above all also the remarkable social, societal and university-internal commitment of a foreign student at our university.

DAAD-Prize 2020

The winner of the DAAD Prize 2020 is Dima Alumnajed, a student at the Center for Development Research - ZEF, who was appreciated for her voluntary work at the MESYRR institution for Syrian artists and for founding an intercultural "dinner club" and digital workshops for her fellow students at ZEF. The DAAD Prize 2020 was awarded during the event by Professor Dr. Stephan Conermann, Vice Rector for International Affairs, will be handed over to Ms. Alumnajed.

The winner of the DAAD Prize 2020 is on stage, presenting her certificate.
Winner of the DAAD-Prize 2020 © Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn
Here the certificate of the DAAD-Prize from  Dima Alumnajed 2020 is shown.
Certificate of the DAAD-Prize 2020 © Daniela Hüll/Uni Bonn
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