Offers and Support

Inclusive University: Offers and Support Services

The University of Bonn advocates the dismantling of exclusion mechanisms in order to enable more participation and inclusion-sensitive study and work conditions - regardless of a person's gender, age, origin, religion, education, disabilities, or other individual characteristics.

Unit for Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The advancement of equal opportunity in teaching, learning, and academia and the establishment of discrimination-free learning and working conditions in a way which do justice to the diversity of university members are central tasks for University management.

International Office

The International Office supports German and international students and researchers with their stays abroad or coming to the University of Bonn.

Family Office

The family office supports University members with questions about the compatibility of work and family.

Advice and Counselling Services for Students at all Stages of University Studies

Our advising and service network is here to help you with everything related to academic orientation, application and enrollment, degree progression, academic problems, personal challenges, stays abroad and career counseling. These services are supplemented by various student-run advisory bodies and the services of Studierendenwerk Bonn in the areas of funding, housing and social affairs.


The University offers employees and students services to help maintain and promote health and in the case of illnesses.

Healthy Campus Bonn

Healthy Campus Bonn bündelt die Bestrebungen und Maßnahmen der Universität Bonn zur Erhaltung und Förderung der Gesundheit von Beschäftigten und Studierenden. Hierzu bietet Healthy Campus Bonn eine Vielzahl an Bewegungs-, Beratungs- und Qualifizierungsangeboten.

Occupational health physician

Offers individual advice and discussions for university employees in the event of health problems and stress in the workplace.

Psychotherapeutic university outpatient clinic

The psychotherapeutic university outpatient department of the Institute for Psychology is a research and teaching outpatient department.

Psychological counseling center of the  Studierendenwerk (PBS)

The Psychological counseling center of the Studierendenwerk (PBS) provides assistance in the event of conflicts with employees or students.

Psychosocial counseling AStA

Ad-hoc personal and telephone consultations, psychotherapy placements and help applying for reimbursement for students and employees. The broad spectrum of topics ranges from stress in the social environment to study-related problems to clinical-psychological symptoms.

Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy

The clinic and polyclinic at the University Hospital Bonn offers inpatient treatment for psychological and psychosomatic disorders as well as outpatient diagnostic discussions. The focus is on eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and burn-out.

Psychological Counseling at the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service (ZSB)

A first point of contact for students who are in a personal and/or study-related situation for which they cannot find a solution on their own. In addition to the opportunity to have a confidential counseling interview, the psychological counseling service also offer workshops and seminars.

Person of trust for severely disabled employees

The person of trust for severely disabled employees and their deputies advise and represent severely disabled colleagues and their equals with the aim of inclusion in the workplace.

Representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Representation of interests and advice for prospective students and students with long-term health impairments, disabilities, or chronic illnesses by the disability officer for students.

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