Parent-child rooms and diaper changing tables at the University

The University of Bonn provides a number of diaper changing tables and parent-child rooms for employees and students. 

The Office of Family Services supports institutes and faculties in their efforts to set up parent-child rooms, install diaper changing tables, and to realize other infrastructural services. The establishment of such facilities has an important impact on balancing study/work and family life.

Availability of changing tables for university facilities

The Office of Family Services currently disposes of a small contingent of changing tables. If you would like to install a changing table in the sanitary area of your facility/institute, please get in touch with us.

Locations and details for use


Poppelsdorfer Allee 49
53115 Bonn

Changing table in the disabled WC (first floor)

The restroom is open to students and staff.


Franziskanerstraße 2-4
53113 Bonn

The parent-child room in the Office of Familiy Services of the University of Bonn has a changing table, seating, toys and children's books. Students and employees who wish to use the room please contact the Office of Family Services in advance by phone (0228 73-72 73).

Core hours:
Mon - Fri | 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Regina-Pacis-Weg 3
53113 Bonn

In the restroom next to the wardrobe, you can find a changing table which is accessible for students and employees.


Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9
53111 Bonn

The disabled toilet (first floor, room 0.013) is equipped with a changing table. The restroom is open to students and staff.


Adenauerallee 24-42
53113 Bonn
Room U1.056

In the Juridicum you can find a diversity room with a parent-child workplace. This workplace can only be used by employees of the Faculty of Law and Political Science. Please reserve the room via email to

Further information about the room and the terms of use can be found here.


Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn

The Mathematics Center is equipped with a parent-child room that can be used by employees of the University's Mathematics Center.

In addition, there is a changing table in the disabled toilet on the first floor (room 0.015), which is accessible to employees and students.


Poppelsdorfer Allee 82
53115 Bonn
Room 1001

The Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics provides an internal parent-child room. Please contact the Institute for further information and to receive the keys to the room (e-mail: | Tel. 0228 73 48 31).


Katzenburgweg 7 (entrance Carl-Troll-Straße)
53115 Bonn

The institute has a family room that can be used by students. Further information can be found here.

Registration and key handling: Petra Heinrich (e-mail: | Tel. 0228 73 2059)

The LIMES Institute has a parent-child room that is available to employees of the LIMES Institute. Flexible use is possible after prior arrangement.

Equipment: changing table, toys, books, baby bouncer, etc.

Further information can be found here.

Contact: Prof. Eva Kiermaier (Tel. 0228 73 6 28 19)


Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 5
53115 Bonn
Lecture Hall Center CP1
Room 0.012

The disabled toilet has a changing table that is open to employees and students.

Phone contact: 0228 73 48 88


Meckenheimer Allee 168
53115 Bonn
Room 3.008

A changing table for students and employees can be found in the institute.

Telephone contact: 0228 73 77 16

New Location

Karlrobert-Kreiten-Straße 13
53115 Bonn

Room 3.048

A changing table available to students and employees can be found in the institute on the third floor in the men's bathroom.

Telephone contact: 0228  73 30 66


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Snezana Krtinic

+49 228 73-72 73

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