Help for people affected by the flood disaster
Flood Disaster 2021

Assistance portal in Confluence

You can get connected via our Confluence emergency assistance portal1. (Bonnet VPN Login required)  121

Help for people affected by the catastrophic storms – services and Q&A

Last week’s severe weather brought fatalities and major destruction to our region, and many members of the University of Bonn have been personally affected by its impact. The University is now endeavoring to coordinate support and assistance services within its area of responsibility.

To make it easier to bring together those in need of help and those keen to provide it, we have set up a portal on the University intranet/Confluence where you can offer, search for and find assistance.

Fundraising campaign "WIR helfen"

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"WIR helfen" - under this motto, the University of Bonn is supporting university members in need as a result of the severe weather disaster. "Especially in such an existential exceptional situation, it is the WE that counts for us," says Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch, the university's rector. "I sincerely ask you, make a contribution - whether small or large - so that we can help those who are directly affected."

Donation account:

IBAN: DE02 3705 0198 1935 9473 31

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University Employees

 Hotline for affected university employees.

University members directly affected by the severe weather disaster can call 0228/735541 24/7.

Further Contact Options

Members of the University who have been directly affected by the catastrophic storms can contact the Rector,, and the Provost,, if they need the University’s help. The University management is currently looking into ways it can support people on the ground. For HR issues, you can also contact

The university management is currently looking for ways to support the people on site and provides individual support services for those directly affected.

Questions and answers

If you need psychological support following the flood disaster, please refer to the information below. We would like to draw your attention particularly to thecounseling offered at the University Hospital Bonn, which is open for University of Bonn employees as well. You will find a telephone contact in the emergency aid section on Confluence.

Additional offers are listed below.

  • LVR-Klinik Bonn: As of Friday, July 30, contact details for a special outpatient clinic for people affected by the flood disaster are listed on the central website.
  • Ehrenwallklinik in Ahrweiler: Flood relief hotline; phone: 0800 729 5 729 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)
  • Rheinklinik Bad Honnef: Dedicated counseling offers for people affected by the flood disaster. To make an appointment, please contact the clinic’s patient administration: +49 2241 185-148
  • Staff advice and conflict mediation service: The University’s staff advice and conflict mediation service also offers counseling for employees. Please contact Vera N´Diaye via email or call +49 228 73-4515 or -4509

Employees who are significantly affected by the severe weather on July 14-15, 2021 can apply for up to 10 additional working days beyond the already approved maximum of 10 working days—i.e. a new maximum of 20 working days—to be taken as special paid leave or as absence with pay.

Where road conditions at the employee’s place of residence have been degraded by the storm such that it is not possible to travel to the office, and where working from home is not possible, then special paid leave can be provided in an appropriate scope. Parties affected in these ways also have the option of drawing on overtime or flextime balances or taking vacation leave or unpaid special leave.

The University Hospital has also arranged for victims to be released from their official duties, commensurate with the extent to which they were affected by the natural disaster. As the clinical field in particular requires a harmonized rotation schedule, any release from duties at the University Clinic must be handed on a case-by-case basis. Affected parties are asked to discuss the matter with their supervisors.

Commute to work
Many roads and bridges as well as public transportation are currently unusable, so that employees can only reach Bonn in a roundabout way. If employees are not directly affected and can make it possible to come to Bonn, detours on the way to work have to be accepted.

Free parking for GKT Large Employer Ticket holders of the University of Bonn

Some University and UKB employees are currently unable to use their Jobticket to travel to the workplace because their local public transit system is currently inoperative. Those switching to cars requiring registration with the University now have the option, effective immediately, of applying for a long-term parking ID for free usage of the University’s barrier-free parking spots. This offer is initially limited until December 31, 2021. Please submit an application, including indication of your place of residence and license plate number, to:

Once processed, you will receive an email confirming that your permit is ready for collection at Section 4.1. Delivery via post is unfortunately not possible. UKB employees are asked to contact HR staff at their institution.

Working from home
Employees from crisis regions who can perform their daily duties from home are welcome to do so, insofar as their duties do not urgently require their presence at the University. Members of staff who perform their regular day-to-day work from home, either wholly or in part, will have their contractually agreed standard work hours applied as minimum for time accounting purposes. Members of staff can be required to perform additional working hours within the statutory limits of employment law in order to complete their tasks. These hours are to be documented correctly.

Employees who are helping their affected parents, in-laws, grandparents, siblings, children, stepchildren and/or foster parents or children with the securing and clean-up of their property can apply for a maximum of an additional 15 working days (beyond the already provided five working days) of special paid leave.

 As proof, it is sufficient to provide the name, address and relationship to the person being assisted.

Affected employees in category I and II who previously drew on their vacation leave are asked to report to their responsible HR staff so that any such vacation leave can be credited.

Employees who work on a voluntary basis for the fire department, THW or other aid organization are released with pay from their duties for the duration of their service.

All other helpers are asked to consult with their supervisor about the possibility of using vacation leave (including half days) or other accrued overtime, including on short notice. Employees on the flextime scheme can also build up negative balances in the process (please see the Flexible Working Time: Time Balances section of the employment contract; up to 20 minus hours are possible). Supervisors are asked to be tolerant with helpers requesting flextime or vacation leave. Beyond this, the applicable working time rules can be suspended for the duration of the necessary support period, to be replaced with flexible models. Absence times are to be recorded as per the standard rules.

The University of Bonn would like to point out that helpers providing neighborhood assistance are not covered by the University’s accident insurance. We therefore recommend joining a relief organization wherever possible. For example, the German Red Cross in Bonn has set up a portal for anyone wanting to volunteer spontaneously, which you can find at


A donation fund has been established for affected students and employees.


IBAN: DE02 3705 0198 1935 9473 31
Sparkasse Köln Bonn, BIC: COLSDE33XXX
Keyword: "Wir helfen"

We encourage all who can to donate. Current donation levels can be seen at Nothilfe bei Hochwasser—Universität Bonn (

 University employees also have the option of designating that a portion of the salary be donated, which will then be withdrawn directly by the LBV (with social contributions being reduced correspondingly). If you would like to donate part of your salary, please contact the HR department responsible for you at:

The Rectorate has approved the proposed donation distribution plan and formalized related guidelines. The necessary application form has been provided by the HR department; we are also pro-actively approaching members of our community known to have been hard-hit by the disaster. The donations will be paid out after receipt and review of the application.

On behalf of the affected members of the University , we wish to thank all donors for their generosity and also for the tremendous engagement and personal dedication that many of you have shown for our fellow members in this time of need.

Interest-free advance payment

Employees plus old age beneficiaries and bereaved whose residence was damaged as a direct result of the natural disaster in mid-July 2021 can receive an interest-free, and potentially tax-free, advance payment of up to 10,000 euros. Application must be made by December 31, 2021 and must include a brief description of the relevant damages. To help prevent unmanageable debt, this amount should total no more than six times the monthly salary/benefit amount, and is to be repaid in no more than 40 equal monthly installments. Application forms for this assistance can be requested from the HR section.

Please send any queries and applications to the following address at the HR section established specifically for contact and coordination of this project: or speak with the support staff by phone at +49 228 73-7398.


The University of Bonn has a certain amount of accommodation that it can provide to those who have lost their homes due to the flooding. These accommodations can be used at no cost, initially for an interim period of four weeks. Corresponding agreements will be made with the central administration. A paid extension for a limited time may be possible for special hardship situations and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This offer is open to all members of the University. Students also have the option of contacting the Studierendenwerk.

 Affected parties in need of an apartment are asked to contact Gisela Lehmacher (+49 228 73-7348) and Tim Buchholz, (+49 228 73-5868) are the primary contacts.

The City of Bonn has also set up a housing exchange for flood-affected persons:

Many roads, bridges and rail lines are unusable in the long term so in certain cases the University of Bonn can only be reached in a roundabout way. If employees are affected by this and are able to come to Bonn, detours on the way to work must be accepted. In many places, rail replacement services have been set up until further notice, e.g. express buses between Bonn and Euskirchen with stops in Rheinbach and Meckenheim. More information in German:

The Family Office supports employees affected by the flood disaster who are looking for emergency daycare for their children. More info:


Students of the University of Bonn who have been affected by the severe weather and, for example, are encountering problems with their upcoming examinations as a result can contact the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service ( as their first port of call. If it is clearly an examination-related question, the easiest way is to contact the responsible examination office directly. A constructive solution will then be sought together. 

Psychological support for students affected by the flood disaster

The Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service offers psychological counseling for students. Please make an appointment via email or via phone (+49 228 73-7080). Additional counseling offers are listed here4.

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