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Information for Guests and Service Providers about the Regulations in Force at the University of Bonn

Information for Guests and Service Providers

Through provision of this summary of the most important regulations governing behavior on University premises, we hope to make the visits of our guests as easy as possible. Please note that the exigencies of the pandemic mean that not all University buildings maintain their usual opening hours; many of our employees are also currently working from home. For the protection of yourself and others we request that you minimize visits to our premises by performing as many tasks online as is possible.

The Seven Golden Rules for On-Campus Behavior


Act responsibly.

Wear a mask in University indoor areas.


Keep yourself clean.

Disinfect your hands at the entrances to University buildings and wash them regularly and thoroughly with soap and water.


Recover fully.

Those exhibiting any symptoms of illness or who have had recent contact with the infected schould not enter the University premises.


React quickly.

Always sneeze and cough into the inside of your elbow.


Keep your distance.

Always maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from others to protect yourself and those around you.


Ventilate rooms often.

Fresh air reduces the aerosol concentration in a room.


Remain up-to-date.

Always keep abreast of the latest regulations.

The picture shows the statue of Friedrich August Kekulé in front of the Department of Geography. The statue is wearing a mask.
© Volker Lannert/ Universität Bonn

Masks and Disinfection

All visitors to the University of Bonn and all other persons present are urgently asked to wear a FFP2 or medical mask at all times when on the University premises.

Please either take your used single-use mask home with you or dispose of it in the separate waste bins marked for masks. Do not dispose of masks in the general waste bins.

Disinfection stands are located in front of every entrance to the University. Please disinfect your hands before entering University buildings and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water regularly during the course of a day.


Abstand/ Distance


Hand hygiene


Alltagsmasken/ Masks



Lüften/ Ventilation

Also important...

... What to do if you are feeling unwell

If you feel unwell, have had recent contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 or have recently returned from a high-risk region, should not enter any University of Bonn premises.

If you start to feel unwell when on a University site, please leave the premises immediately and seek medical advice.

If you think that you might have contracted COVID-19, you can notify your suspicion to the University's Occupational Safety Unit by email. Should you need medical advice outside the opening hours of medical practices, contact the non-emergency doctor on call (Kassenärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst) under 116117.

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