Shaping paths

During your studies

Modular structures, examination regulations and model course schedules are all valuable tools to help you plan and structure your studies. Yet we also know that each student invariably follows their own unique path to their degree, and that personal conditions, goals and challenges can play a major role in a student’s time at university.

We at the University of Bonn are dedicated to helping you, offering active support in formulating and executing your study schedule.

Planning your Studies

Successfully planning your studies goes beyond looking into administrative questions. Although the compulsory courses are relatively broad in scope, particularly in the first few semesters, many academic disciplines allow students to create a profile or set of priorities for themselves early on that will have a major influence on the next stages of their studies. For this reason, identifying the requirements of your degree program early on and planning ahead can positively impact your studies in the long run.


Our “Be EmPOWERed!” program offers a large variety of self-learning offers and trainings on successfully mastering (digital) studies, covering the areas #SkillPOWER, #HealthPOWER, #SocialPOWER and #FuturePOWER – free of charge!

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Study-Related Formalities

Whether you have a general administrative question about your studies or an issue with your specific subject, you will find the most important information about your student status, data changes or examination matters on this page. 

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Transferring to another academic discipline or university

You are considering a transfer to another academic discipline or university but are unsure what needs to be taken into account and how to best proceed? On this page, you will find extensive information on transferring to another academic discipline or university.

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Additional qualifications

To hone their professional qualifications, students at the University of Bonn can acquire additional skills (key competences) that complement their specific academic training. Besides a sound specialist knowledge, there are various additional qualifications that can prepare them well for their future career.

Doubts about your studies?

Doubts are a normal part of being a student, and can even represent an opportunity. Whether you’re struggling with the current state of your studies, considering switching to a different degree program or contemplating alternatives to studying at the University of Bonn — our web portal can help you address your concerns!


Avatar Study Advisory and Counseling Service

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service

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Study and intership abroad

Use a stay abroad to broaden your qualifications and improve your chances on the job market.  


The “Be EmPOWERED!” program offers various free trainings and self-study options for successful management of your studies.

Consultation and Service

The consultation and service network at the University of Bonn stands ready to help you through all phases of your studies.

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