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Doubts About Your Studies

Whether you are having doubts about your studies or are considering switching to another degree program or withdrawing from university altogether, you will find a great deal of advice and tips on this page.

  • Do you often find yourself wondering whether your degree program is still right for you?
  • Do you sometimes think about switching to another degree program, changing university or withdrawing altogether?
  • Or maybe you simply get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach whenever you think about university?

We want to help find the right path for you. To do this, we can put you in touch with various counseling services, provide first-hand reports from (former) students with similar doubts and show you various things that you can do when in doubt about your studies and how you can handle them.

Telephone counseling for students with doubts

Thursdays 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Finding ways forward

The doubts that someone can have about their studies are manifold. There are various things you can do depending on what kinds of doubts you are having and what is behind them. Please feel free to seek personalized advice on your options.

Carry on?

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For many difficulties that lead people to have doubts about their studies – such as financial problems, personal/health reasons, difficulties organizing their work or making progress with their degree program, and uncertainties about their career prospects – there are support options available that can allow them to continue their studies.


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If you come to realize that you have picked the wrong degree program, maybe because you don’t like the content, can’t get motivated or made your original choice based purely on a “rational” decision that didn’t match your abilities, interests or values, it may make sense to switch to another degree program.


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A lack of practical relevance in a degree program and an (excessively) wide range of career options can prompt people to have doubts about their studies. Nobody who passes their Abitur is obliged to go on to university, and the fears that some have of not earning very much or not being sufficiently challenged if they choose a non-academic education are often unfounded. Switching to vocational training or moving into employment straight away can be a suitable option.

Take time out?

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If you’re having doubts about your studies, it can sometimes be helpful to take time out in order to take a deep breath, recharge your batteries, explore potential careers, do some voluntary or paid work and/or get clarity on your next steps. Depending on how you arrange your time out, you may be able to take it as a leave of absence.

Advice and support

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact the University of Bonn’s network of advisory services or our external partners. If you are unsure about which place to contact, you are welcome to get in touch with the Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service as your first port of call. First-hand reports from others who have been in a similar situation can also help.

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Advice and support at the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn boasts an extensive network of counseling services with people to contact for a range of different issues. The following overview is intended to help find suitable advice for you.

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External advisory services

Our external partners can advise you on dual degree programs, vocational training, career opportunities not requiring a university degree and much more. The following overview may help you find suitable advice.

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First-hand reports

In videos and blog posts, (former) students also experiencing doubts about their studies explain how varied and diverse these can be and how you can move forward. You will also find a lot of tips and self-help strategies for dealing with doubts about your studies.

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You’re not the only one experiencing doubts about your studies!

Many students will be in the same boat at some point. Sometimes, these doubts are only short-lived, but there are also doubts that persist and get stronger. Ceyda, Farina and Florian recount their own doubts and how they tackled them.

Ceyda - Studienwechselerin
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Florian - Studienaussteiger

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