Financial Assistance During Your Studies.

Financing and Support

“How can I fund my studies?” is an important and occasionally decisive question. Although financing a degree program can sometimes pose a huge challenge, there are ways to find a solution that will suit anyone’s individual circumstances. These pages will tell you how much it costs to study at the University of Bonn and what your funding options are alongside or as an alternative to financial support from your parents.

Financial start-up aid for first-semester students

In collaboration with the AStA of the University of Bonn, the Studierendenwerk Bonn supports first-semester students in social need with financial start-up assistance. The support includes the financing of the semester fee for the semester of the first enrollment.

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Under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), students who do not have enough money to live on and fund their education are legally entitled to individual support.

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Besides BAföG, scholarships are a key component of student finance. They are particularly attractive as they are a form of study support that does not usually need to be paid back.

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Working while studying

Many students take a job on the side to fund their studies. In an ideal scenario, this does not only provide them with an income but also gives them real-life experience that can be valuable for their degree and their entry into a career further down the line.

International Students

On the following pages, international students will find information about financing and funding opportunities as well as information about the costs of studying.

Parental maintenance

Parents are legally required to fund their children’s education – even after they turn 18 – until they have completed a first higher education degree. This means that parents generally have a maintenance obligation until the end of their children’s studies.

Family allowance

Parents can apply for family allowance for children under 25 who are studying for a degree. It can be used as a regular contribution to funding their children’s studies.


You can also take out a loan in order to fund your studies. Your options include the federal government’s Education Loan and student loans provided by various banks.

Semester fee

As a state university, the University of Bonn does not charge tuition fees. However, all students are required to pay a semester fee once a semester. The bulk of the fee is used to finance student transit passes. Around one third goes to the Studierendenwerk, which, for example, is involved in maintaining the canteens, providing accommodation for students or organizing educational support/grants. Smaller amounts go to the student self-administration (AStA), the student councils and University Sports. Student social services and assistance funds are also supported.

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Student Finance Flyer

The Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service’s student finance flyer provides a clear and concise overview of all the relevant information for you to print out and read.


of all students receive financial support from
their parents/relatives during their studies


of all students claim BAföG funding


of all students are awarded scholarships

Contact information

Avatar Study Advisory and Counseling Service

Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service

Further financial aid

Student aid fund

The Hilfsfond is a loan fund of the student body of the University of Bonn.

Short-term loan

Interest-free loans for acute financial emergencies.

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