Student Transit Pass

With a valid student ID card, you automatically have a combined student transit pass covering certain public transport offers in the Rhein-Sieg Public Transportation Network (VRS-Ticket) and across North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW-Ticket). This is a combined offer that is not transferable and only valid with an official photo ID. 

Important note

Please do not laminate your student ID card as it will no longer be valid for public transport.

The VRS-Ticket is printed on the back of your student ID card along with a hologram, which constitutes the NRW-Ticket. Both tickets are valid for one semester. They are personalized, non-transferable and only valid with an official photo ID. The transit pass allows you to use all bus, tram, metro, subway, S-Bahn local rail, cable rail and other included regional rail transport services. While the VRS-Ticket is limited to offers in the Rhein-Sieg area, services covered by the NRW-Ticket can be used across North Rhine-Westphalia. University of Bonn students with residency in the Ahrweiler district may use the VRS-Ticket for local public transport under certain circumstances. For more details, please refer to the AStA website.

At what point can I start using my transit pass?

Both tickets are valid for an entire semester, i.e. from October 1 to March 31 in the winter semester and from April 1 to September 30 in the summer semester, including on Sundays, on bank holidays and outside the lecture period.

First-semester students who participate in preliminary courses can apply for a discounted trainee ticket before the semester starts. For more details, please refer to the AStA website.


Under certain circumstances (e.g in case of social hardship, disability, subscription to the large employer ticket or a study-related stay outside the contract territory), you can apply for a refund of the costs related to the student transit pass with the
Studiticket-Ausschuss des AStA . The application deadline is May 10 for the summer semester and November 10 for the winter semester.

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