Leaving Bonn

We recommend that you allow sufficient time to prepare for your departure. The termination of telephone contracts, bank accounts etc. can sometimes take more time than you think. If you have any questions, please contact the Welcome Center. We are glad to help!

We would also be happy if you keep in touch with the University of Bonn. Become a member of our global alumni network and benefit from special offers for international research alumni.

  • Employees of the University of Bonn must return their JobTicket immediately, if it is still valid.
  • Employees of the University of Bonn should inform their health insurance provider about the career change.
  • Your on-site rental and service contracts should be terminated in good time. Check the contracts carefully for notice periods and any consequences that may arise.
  • It is necessary to register your new place of residence within 14 days of moving to the responsible citizens service center at the new place of residence.
  • If you have a residence permit, please check how long it is still valid. An extension can be requested from the immigration office.
  • If you leave Germany, it is necessary that you deregister from the Citizens Service Center.
  • It is important to inform your health insurance provider that you will no longer be living in Germany. You will also be told which documents you need to confirm this and to close your member account.
  • If you do not want to incur any further fees on your bank account, it is important that you close your account at your local bank.
  • All contracts such as rental and service contracts must be terminated. It is sometimes possible to terminate service contracts early if you can show that you are leaving the country. Please contact your service provider in good time to discuss your possible options.
  • In certain circumstances it is possible to request reimbursement of the statutory pension contributions. Please contact the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

Special offers for our International Research Alumni

The University has special offers for former international researchers in order to stay in contact with the University of Bonn, to foster the promotion of young scientists in Bonn and to continue the cooperation with academic partners.

Alumni network of the University

Become a member of the worldwide alumni network of the University of Bonn and thus remain an active part of the university family.


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