Alena Khmelinskaia
Jun-Prof. Dr. Alena Khmelinskaia
  • Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
  • Argelander Professor of TRA Matter
Research topics
  • protein design
  • protein self assembly
The group of Protein Design and Self-Assembly focuses on dissecting the physical principles of protein self-assembly. We combine computational de novo protein design with protein production, in vitro model substrates and biophysical methods to systematically investigate the interplay between different types of interactions in the protein assembly process. Our goal is to create a new generation of dynamic and responsive protein-based materials, by exploring protein structural flexibility and by coupling assembly to support coating, cargo encapsulation or chemical triggers. These designed self-assembling materials will be further used as synthetic biology tools to interrogate and control fundamental cellular processes, develop robust and sensitive biosensors and diagnostic platforms.
Selected publications

Alena Khmelinskaia, Adam Wargacki, Neil P. King. (2021) Structure-based design of novel polyhedral protein nanomaterials. Current Opinion in Microbiology, 61:51-57.

Beatrice Ramm, Andriy Goychuk, Alena Khmelinskaia, Philipp Blumhardt, Hiromune Eto, Kristina A. Ganzinger, Erwin Frey, Petra Schwille. (2021) ATP driven diffusiophoresis: active cargo transport without motor proteins. Nature Physics, doi:10.1038/s41567-021-01213-3.

Alena Khmelinskaia, Jonas Mücksch, Eugene P. Petrov, Henri G. Franquelim, Petra Schwille. (2018) Control of membrane binding and diffusion of cholesteryl-modified DNA origami nanostructures by DNA spacers. Langmuir, 34(49): 14921-14931.

Henri G. Franquelim, Alena Khmelinskaia, Jean-Philippe J. Sobczak, Hendrik Dietz, Petra Schwille (2018) Membrane sculping by curved DNA origami scaffolds. Nature Communications, 9 (1):811.

Alena Khmelinskaia
Jun-Prof. Dr. Alena Khmelinskaia
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