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TRA Modelling supports your third-party application

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TRA1-INSSA: we support you from idea to application

  • Idea: use TRA-specific collections of calls and programs
  • Network: find collaboration partners or discuss at a workshop/panel
  • Start-up: get your project started and apply for project start-up or event grants
  • Service: use application advice for TRA-grants or initial advice on third-party programs
  • Application: benefit from project support and contact to specific consultation & service units

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Idea: TRA-specific collection of  Calls, Programs, Events

IT in complex systems
Whole Day
Forschungsvorhaben zur Verbesserung der Explorations- und Integrationsphasen der IKT-Forschung; IKT in komplexen Systemen; Intelligente lernende Systeme; ...
Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (Themes 4)
Whole Day
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) participates in a call of the Belmont Forum on the topic “Systems of Sustainable ...
Radiomics: Next Generation of Biomedical Imaging
Whole Day
Given the great promise, the Priority Programme is designed to further develop and establish the role of advanced image interpretation approaches in different ...
Innovative working environments in medium-sized companies
Whole Day
Gefördert werden Projekte, in denen eine neuartige Zusammenarbeit und Arbeit von Menschen mittels digitaler Werkzeuge im Vordergrund steht: Intelligente ...
German Research Foundation (DFG)

The DFG provides many different funding programs without topic restrictions and application deadlines such as Individual Research Grants (SBH), Package Proposals and Research Units (FOR), Independent Junior Research Groups (ENP), Research Training Groups (GRK), Priority Programs (SPP), Collaborative Research Centers (SFB)/Transregios (TRR) and Clusters of Excellence (EXC).

European Research Council Grants (ERC)

Are you a talented early-career scientist (2 to 7 years after the PhD), improved scientist (7-12 years after the PhD) who wants to establish a research team or an established, leading principal investigator? The ERC Starting Grant, ERC Consolidator Grant or ERC Advanced Grant could be for you. Further grants: ERC Proof of Concept, ERC Synergy Grant.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

The MSCA are the European Union’s flagship funding programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training. They fund excellent research and innovation and equip researchers at all stages of their career with new knowledge and skills. They are open to all domains of research and innovation and foster research cooperation across borders, sectors and disciplines.

Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung (EKFS)

EKFS supports Clinician Scientists (linking research and clinical work), young, up-and-coming scientists who work in the field of medicine, and research scientists who want to carry out key projects whose success would lead to breakthroughs in the diagnosis and therapy of diseases.

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Network: Let's talk about it - Think Tank & Exchange

TRA Modelling offers networking and exchange opportunities

Find collaboration partners: Collaboration Platform

Our collaboration platform is a collection of researchers who would like to discuss their current research ideas. Let your TRA network know that you are open for collaboration partners!

Talk about your idea: Workshops

Benefit from the TRA's networking and exchange opportunities as well as further TRA support at different stages of your third-party application.

Examples: ask for support or apply for an event grant for

  • kick-off meetings: brainstorm about the focus and the right third-party program for your idea
  • open workshops/panels to find collaboration partners for your third-party grant application
  • workshops/retreats to foster the preparation of your third-party grant application

Interested? Contact our TRA Manager!

Daniel Minge

Manager TRA Modelling

+49 175 1038957

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Start-up: Funding opportunities for projects & events

TRA Modelling offers start-up funding (TRA1-INSSA Call for Applications)

Shape your idea: Event grants @ TRA Modelling

Funding grants cover, for example, the cost for a workshop or networking event to

  • brainstorm about the right third-party program for your idea
  • find collaboration partners for your third-party grant application
  • foster the preparation of your third-party grant application

TRA Focus: events on topics that fit into the goals of TRA 1 Modelling
Applicable funding line: "TRA1-INSSA event grant"

Get your project started: Project grants @ TRA Modelling

Funding grants cover, for example, the cost for

  • employing a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher who assists in preparing your third-party grant application, or
  • other research needs such as software or material for your project.

TRA Focus: (collaborative) research projects that fit into TRA 1 Modelling
Applicable funding line: "TRA1-INSSA project grant"

Good to know: Eligibility, Funding periods,...

To be eligible for funding applications, you must be member of TRA 1 Modelling. Applications are possible at any time but depend on availability of funds. Current funding applications are limited on spending in 2022 (longer periods may be possible upon request). The TRA 1 Steering Committee will decide on acceptance, decisions are depending on the project content and availability of funds.

How to apply

Please use the TRA1-INSSA application form below and add a project description.  Beside the project content, the description should address TRA 1 goals, fit into the TRA 1 focus and interdisciplinarity. It also needs to include planned outcomes, a time schedule and a
financial plan. The overall extent depends on the requested volume. It is recommended to contact the TRA Manager Daniel Minge for further information (e.g. procedure, application advice, funding lines):

Dr. Daniel Minge

Manager TRA Modelling

+49 175 1038957

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Service: Advice & further Contacts

Service @ TRA Modelling

TRA Modelling offers

  • individual application advice on TRA-grants
  • initial advice on third-party programs
  • support during your project

Contact: Dr. Daniel Minge

Manager TRA Modelling

Phone (work): +49 175 1038957

Application: Specific Consultation and Service Units @ University of Bonn

Funding Advisory and Third-party Funding Service (7.1)

The Funding Advisory Service (7.1) in the Research and Innovation Services Unit offers comprehensive information and individual advice on applying to national and international funding organizations

Transfer Center enaCom

enaCom - enabling people to create opportunities
Intermediary, translator and catalyst between science and stakeholders outside the scientific community; central point of contact for all matters relating to University knowledge and technology transfer

Research Data Service Center

The Research Data Service Center supports RDM throughout the entire research process – from research project planning and application filing to the publication and archiving of research data

Grant programs to promote equal opportunity

Offers, initiatives, measures and support programs that contribute to the promotion of diversity, participation and equal opportunity in a targeted manner and enable individual and needs-based support 

Argelander Programme: Early-Career Researchers

Argelander Grants support you on your way to an academic career after your doctorate. The various funding lines give you the opportunity to achieve scientific independence, sharpen your international profile and expand your scientific network

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