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Careers with a Doctorate

An event for international doctoral students offered by the Bonn Graduate Center and the International Office

A doctorate opens up attractive and diverse career opportunities not just in academia, but also beyond. Do you want to learn about your career perspectives? At this year's event "Careers with a Doctorate", you will learn more about various career paths for the time after your doctorate - be it in academia, in the private sector or as a company founder. In several impulse workshops, our trainers will show you what you can already do now for a successful transition, and PhD gradutes from the University of Bonn will give you interesting insights into their current professional life.

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Details and Registration

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Alte Sternwarte
Poppelsdorfer Allee 47

Registration deadline:  June 12, 2024

       Target group: International doctoral students


Register for the two impulse workshops you are most interested in (first come, first served). Then grab a coffee and meet your peers! 

Prof. Dr. Birgit Ulrike Münch, Vice Rector for International Affairs

In this keynote, we will explore the multifaceted career perspectives available to doctoral graduates within and beyond academia. Within the academic sector, we will start thinking about potential success factors for creating a desired long-term perspective. Further we will discuss the diverse opportunities in the private sector, where doctoral degree holders can drive innovation and contribute to industry advancement. Additionally, we will touch the realm of research management and we will explore the entrepreneurial path of self-employment, where doctoral graduates can leverage their expertise to create their own professional career through startups, consulting ventures, or freelance work. Overall, the key-note will highlight the breadth of opportunities awaiting doctoral graduates and provided insights into how they can navigate and excel in various career paths.

Speaker: Andrea Bosten

Andrea Bosten is an experienced career coach and trainer who specializes in accompanying scientists on their professional development. With over 10 years of experience in Human Resources at Forschungszentrum Jülich, she brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to her practice. Today, Andrea Bosten embodies two aspects of her career: she serves as an HR business partner focusing on compensation and benefits at a medium-sized energy company, while also remaining true to her passion for working in the field of science. Her diverse background provides valuable insights to her clients and participants in her formats, bridging the gap between the demands of the corporate world and those of academia.

After the keynote, you will have the opportunity to attend two of the workshops listed below. You can sign up for the workshops on a first-come first-served principle when arriving at the venue in the morning. 

In this workshop, participants will find out more about career prospects within academia. They will be given an overview of the factors that are critical to success in an academic
factors to consider in an academic career and how they can make the best possible use of their current doctoral phase for future professional development in academia.

Trainer: Andrea Bosten
Practical Perspective: Jun.-Prof. Ana Ivonne Vazquez Armendariz (Organoid Biology, LIMES-Institute) 

In this workshop, you will gain valuable insights and practical guidance on how to transition from an academic environment into positions within the private sector, particularly in business-related roles within an organization. You will explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by PhDs holders as you navigate this transition, including the need to leverage your expertise and skills while adapting to the demands and expectations of the business environments.

Trainer: Nevena Paesler
Practical Perspective:  Dr. Ashar Ahmad, Data Scientist and Associate Director at Grünenthal GmbH

The Transfer Center enaCom supports you in turning your ideas into start-ups and your research into practice. Start-up coach Dr. Alexander Küsshauer will be presenting enaCom’s services: Learn all about innovation, start-ups, transfer, funding lines, specific qualification offers and much more. Dr. Petra Ditsche, successful founder of ClingTechBionics, will talk about her experience as a scientist turned entrepreneur. Her internationally operating start-up produces a bionic suction cup that clings to rough and uneven surfaces and is based on her research.

Trainer:  Dr. Alexander Küsshauer (Transfer Center enaCom, University of Bonn)
Practical Perspective: Dr. Petra Ditsche (ClingtechBionics UG)

Time to grab a cup of coffee and a slice of cake and to socialize with your peers.

Get ready for the second round! See the workshop descriptions above.

We will close the event with a short wrap-up and some take-home messages.

Let's socialize and network! You are welcome to join us for some drinks and finger food.

Why participate in the event?

If you want to explore  your career options in and beyond academia after you have finished your doctorate, this event is just right for you. Learn more about the different sectors in which doctoral graduates can build a successful career and get into conversation with professionals from the field. In addition, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet your peers and to network!


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