International scientific work

Doctoral Workshops with International Visiting Scholars

The program supports workshops and other small academic event formats in which doctoral students and visiting scholars work together on an academic topic.


Applications can be submitted electronically at any time via the linked application form. A review is carried out quarterly at the following deadlines:

January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15

Funding Conditions

Doctoral students from every subject represented at the University of Bonn (in teams of 2-4 persons). The workshop must take place within 12 months of the submission deadline. Please note, the funding cannot be granted if the workshop has already taken place.

The invited visiting scholars must include at least one international scholar. An international scholar is someone who is employed at a university or research institution abroad.  

The following costs can be covered for supported workshops:

  • Travel costs for 1-4 scholars (according to DAAD lump sums or Landesreisekostengesetz for domestic scholars)
  • Accommodation costs for 1-4 international scholars (96 Euros per day for 5 days max)
  • Refreshments and meals (maximum 30 Euro per Person per meal)
  • Costs for design and printing of flyers or posters

In total, the requested funds should not exceed 2,000 Euros. Exceptions can be made if international visiting scholars are flown in from overseas.

  • Excellency of workshop concept
  • Integration of the workshop into the broader research environment at the University of Bonn
  • Scholarly excellence of the applicants
  • Scholarly excellence of the invited experts
  • Importance of the workshop for the progress of the participants’ doctoral projects 

The decision on the award of funding will be made by an interdisciplinary selection committee of young scholars. The Bonn Graduate Center supports the members of the committee in an advisory capacity. The members are:

Prof. Dr. Sabine FeistProf. Dr. Andreas Schlitzer55 and Prof. Dr. Michael Schindelegger66.

The following documents need to be attached to the application:

  • Concept and schedule for the workshop (up to 3 pages)
  • Budget plan
  • Academic CVs for the doctoral student applicants1
  • Academic CVs for the participating visiting scholar(s)1
  • Brief explanation of the reasons for choosing the invited scholars

The review of the applications normally takes four to six weeks from the deadline. Please refrain from any inquiries in this regard during this period of time.

1 Family responsibilities, parental leave, illness and further breaks are, of course, taken into account. Please explain possible interruptions in your application.

Please note

When planning your workshop, please observe the applicable regulations for the implementation of classroom events (Circular 70/2021, 81/2021, 86/2021) and the current travel advice of the German Foreign Office and the Robert Koch Institute.


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