Who is doing a doctorate in Bonn?

PhD Data Management and Statistics

How many doctoral students received their doctorate in the past year? And what was the composition of the doctoral students at the University of Bonn? Our annual PhD statistics answer these and other questions.

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Facts and Figures

Doctoral students at the university are members of an interdisciplinary research community that includes the seven faculties in Bonn. In 2023, a total of 6,518 young researchers did their doctorate at the University of Bonn. Another 587 doctoral students were able to successfully complete their doctorate.

Doctoral degrees according to PhD statistics 2023:

  • Faculty of Medicine: 233
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: 200
  • Faculty of Arts: 63
  • Faculty of Law and Economics: 49
  • Faculty of Agriculture: 47
  • Faculty of Protestant Theology: 4
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology: 1


Ongoing Doctorates


Completed Doctorates


Female Doctoral Students

Where do our doctoral students come from?

The University of Bonn has an international body of doctoral students: the proportion of doctoral students with foreign citizenship is 27.3 percent. About 31 percent of all young researchers are already doing their doctorate within the framework of a structured program.

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International Doctoral Students


Bonn International Graduate Schools


In a Structured Program

Why is which data collected?

As a result of the amendment to the University Statistics Act of March 6, 2016 (HStatG), the University of Bonn is obliged to collect data from its doctoral candidates. These include, for example, the type and duration of the doctorate as well as the doctoral subject. Further information about the HStatG and the data collected by the university can be found here(in German).


In order to further improve the data situation, we will introduce a central administrative system in the future. Until this system is in place, you can support us by filling out our questionnaire and sending it to your doctoral office.


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