New Supercomputer Accelerating Top-Level Research

Constantly increasing data volumes, ever more complex calculation and modeling—working with large amounts of data is crucial in many fields of research. The new high-performance computer "Marvin" now makes it easier for University of Bonn researchers to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. Featuring a scalable GPU partition, Marvin is among the world’s top 500 most powerful computers. Funded in part under the Excellence program, the acquisition of Marvin comes as part of the University of Bonn digital strategy. 

University of Ghana Attends International Days 2023

A high-profile delegation from the University of Ghana visited the University of Bonn in connection with the International Days. The two universities are strategic partners, collaborating across all areas institution-wide: degree programs, teaching and research. Members of the University of Bonn Rectorate had visited Accra before the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic, so this reciprocating visit of several days by friends from Ghana represented an important moment for the partnership.

More animal welfare or more environmental protection?

Which sustainability goals do people in Germany find more important: Animal welfare? Or environmental protection? Human health is another one of these competing sustainability goals. A team of researchers from the Department of Agricultural and Food Market Research at the University of Bonn have now found that consumers surveyed in their study would rather pay more for salami with an “antibiotic-free” label than for salami with an “open barn” label that indicates that the product promotes animal welfare. The results have now been published in the journal “Q Open.”

A status quo and outlook report on the University of Excellence as the 2023/2024 academic year begins

The University of Bonn started the academic year 2023/2024 with the traditional ceremony, as the members of the Rectorate and the deans of the seven faculties greeted several hundred staff and students and numerous guests from the academic and business communities as well as policymakers and influential figures in local government in the main auditorium of the University’s Main Building. Eight Bonn University Ambassadors were on hand for the event as well, whose role is to represent Bonn as their alma mater vis-a-vis other universities around the world.

“Outstanding Achievements before They’ve Even Graduated”

As part of this year’s International Days, the state awards and the DAAD Prize have been presented to young early-career researchers who have shown exceptional dedication to their academic field with their theses. The DAAD Prize has also recognized one individual for going above and beyond in terms of her social engagement.

University of Bonn joins cooperation network Femtec

The University of Bonn joins the cooperation network of the Femtec Network and will enrich the long-standing network with female MINT talents. This makes the University of Bonn the tenth partner university in this Germany-wide network of leading universities as well as internationally active partner companies. Femtec's study-accompanying program prepares female students with a passion for technology for their career entry and offers them a strong network. Female students of the University of Bonn from MINT courses at the beginning of their master's studies can apply for the study-accompanying program at Femtec until November 5.

Researchers design a pulsing nanomotor

An international team of scientists headed by the University of Bonn has developed a novel type of nanomotor. It is driven by a clever mechanism and can perform pulsing movements. The researchers are now planning to fit it with a coupling and install it as a drive in complex machines. Their findings have now appeared in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. 

360-degree tour of the University of Bonn now online

The University of Bonn has come up with an innovative way to explore its campuses and the city it calls home, wherever in the world you happen to be: its new 360-degree tour, which is now available online. The interactive tour has been launched in time for the start of the new semester. Providing a bird’s-eye view and a wealth of information about the University, the tour aims to help prospective students get to know it better, make life easier for new starters and much more besides.

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