No Worries Group at the University of Bonn

You are a University of Bonn student or doctoral student from abroad and are only too familiar with problems like culture shock, homesickness and stress related to your studies? The No Worries Group is a place where you can talk to fellow students and learn from each other’s experiences.

What is the No Worries Group? 

Living abroad and studying in a different educational system naturally comes with many unfamiliar situations and can at times also pose problems. Even if it may be difficult to start with, talking about it usually helps. 

The group is jointly organized by the AStA’s Department for International Students and the International Office. Everyone is welcome to discuss helpful strategies and ideas and get actively involved in the group meetings.

Who can join and how to register?

All University of Bonn students and doctoral students from abroad are welcome to join. Participation is free.

What does a group meeting look like?

Following feedback provided by (doctoral) students, sessions in winter semester 2021/22 are focused on well-being. While some events establish a morning routine, we also offer talks on self-confidence, toxic positivity and mindfulness.

When and where does the No Worries Group meet?

During the semester, events take place every week—online only during the current pandemic.

All dates and Zoom links will be posted on Facebook.


International Office


Poppelsdorfer Allee 53
53115 Bonn (Germany)

AStA's International Students Department

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