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General education system

In Germany all children are legally bound to attend school. The school system in general may differ from the system of your home country.

General information

SchoolIn Bonn schools are very international in character. Children coming from about 150 nations are learning and growing up together.  

The first school, children have to attend is called "Grundschule". It is similar to primary school and starts at the age of 6.  

After grade 4 children may attend one of the following secondary schools, depending on their grades and abilities:

  • Hauptschule (Secondary Modern School)
  • Realschule (Secondary Modern School)
  • Gesamtschule (Comprehensive School)
  • Gymnasium (Secondary or Grammar School)

A graphic of the school system and the respective examinations you will find here. A more detailed information of the various schools and the examinations of the Ministery can be found here (in German language only).


A list of international schools in Bonn you may receive in the family office.


Further information on the schools can be found on the webpage of the city of Bonn. 

A list with all primary schools close to the city centre is available from our familiy office. Please feel free to contact us!



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