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Parents should organize childcare at the earliest opportunity. The city of Bonn offers a large variety of kindergartens, taking children from the age of 4 months until enrollment into primary school.

General information

ChildcareIn Bonn childcare is offered to children from the age of four months until the child starts school. Since 1996, children from the age of three years have had a legal claim to daycare. Starting from August 2013, each child from the age of one year has a legal claim to receive a place in a KiTa or with a childminder. The application for a KiTa place should be made in autumn or winter for the following summer. Normally, children may start visiting the KiTa after the summer break. Any remaining free childcare places will be filled with children from the waiting list.

Further general information about childcare in Bonn can be found here.

Fees in government-funded kindergartens depend on parental income as well as on the age of the child and hours of childcare. Private kindergartens have different fees. We are happy to provide further information.

KiTa Newmanhaus

In August 2010, the KiTa within the students hostel Newmanhaus on the Adenauerallee was opened. The KiTa offers places for 31 children. Priority is given to the children of University employees or those involved in research. Places for children older than three years are available to all members of Bonn University. The places for children under three years are allocated by a committee.Foto 1

This committee selects children to fill the available places from August on. The decisions are made on the basis of predetermined criteria (date of birth, university affiliated, siblings within the same KiTa, family environment). 

Applications for admission can be made at any time during the year. Please send the completed form to the Familienbüro. Final decisions on admission are made in February. In case you like to register your over three year old child please, contact the KiTa directly. You will find further information on the webpage of the Studierendenwerk Bonn.


KiTa Auf dem Hügel

The new KiTa Auf dem Hügel in Bonn-Endenich started in August 2014. 50 childcare places are offered. Priority is given to the children of University employees or those involved in research. 

foto 1

Applications for admission can be made at any time during the year. Please send the completed form to the Familienbüro. Final decisions on admission are made for both kindergartens in January.



KiTa Rheinaue (for students) 

The KiTa offers childcare services to ninety children from the age of four months to the year of school enrollment. The kindergarten is open 45 hours a week. Registration is possible if one or both parents are enrolled at the University of Bonn and reside in Bonn. The KiTa is located in Plittersdorf near the Rheinaue Park. It can be easily reached by public transportation. Applications must be send to the director of the KiTa. Further information is available at

Childcare places within the KiTa „GhostShip“ in Bonn-Beuel

From August 1, 2018 the University started a cooperation with the KiTa „GhostShip“ in Bonn-Beuel. The KiTa is situated in the Herbert-Rabius-Straße 7, 53225 Bonn (approx. 600 m to Konrad-Adenauer-Place). The institution is the Terminal for Kids gGmbH. 5 u3-places and 9 ü3-places can be offered. Applications can be sent to the Familienbüro throughout the year. The application forms can be found here.

Childcare places within the KiTas of FRÖBEL gGmbH in Bonn-Friesdorf, Bonn-Pennenfeld, Bonn-Buschdorf, Königswinter und Cologne

Since October 2019 the university cooperates with FRÖBEL gGmbH. The University holds the right of preallocation (Vorbelegungsrecht) of ten childcare places at Fröbel. Please send your application form to the Office for Family Services until October 10 for places starting in the KiTa year beginning at August 1 the following year.

Further information to the KiTas and the procedure of application you will find here.


Childcare places at KiTa Sonnenschein (Childminder)

An agreement between the University and the KiTa Sonnenschein in Bonn Endenich has been existing since November 2009. Five children are cared for by a daytime childminder for up to 41 hours a week in KiTa rooms. The management of the KiTa coordinates this. Lunch is delivered daily. The costs are paid proportionally by the University and the parents. The parents' contribution will be re-financed by the City of Bonn upon request. Parents who are interested may contact the Familienbüro of the University and have their name added to the waiting list.

You will find more information on the website and the application form you will find here.

Childcare places at Villa Ratz und Rübe (Childminder)

Since December 2016 Bonn University cooperates with the Villa Ratz und Rübe GbR child daycare center. It offers members of the University nine places for children between the age of ten months and the age of starting kindergarten.  The child daycare center is located in the building „Altes Waschhaus“ situated in the Reutersiedlung in Heinrich-Körner-Straße 17 (53129 Bonn). The building was  reconstructed by LEG Wohnungsbau Rheinland GmbH and is situated in a traffic-calmed area with affiliated grounds.

The amount of the parental fees depend upon the income additional daily subsistence allowance. The parental fees are designed according to all public promoted Kindergartens. The parental fees will be paid directly to the Amt für Kinder, Jugend und Familie of the City of Bonn (youth welfare office). The subsistence allowance will be paid monthly to Ratz und Rübe GbR. A grant by the family support office is possible

Parents who are interested may contact the Familienbüro of the University and have their name added to the waiting list.

More information can be found on and the application form you will find here.


 Further childcare options 

The City of Bonn has more than 190 kindergartens. They are co-funded either by the churches or by the municipal authorities. Furthermore, there is also a large variety of so-called parents' initiatives (Vereine) and some private kindergartens. We are able to advise you on the childcare options within your neighbourhood or offer you support during your search for appropriate childcare near your place of work. At the Kita-Net of the City of Bonn you will find detailed information on these institutions and you can register your child for places in various KiTas. Further information and registration options can be found here: 

Kita-Net Bonn

Kita-Net Bonn Flyer


Childminders, so-called Tagesmütter or Tagesväter (daytime childminder) provide individualised and more flexible hours of childcare. This service is also available for children starting at 4 months of age. Generally the childcare takes place at the home of the childminder. The daily routine is very similar to a day-to-day family routine. The childminder is authorized to take care of up to five children at a time. The contract is between the childminder and the parents. The cost of food will be charged additionally. There are many professional associations of Childminders in rental premises. The Childminders are all qualified by the 'Netzwerk Tagespflege in Bonn' and have to answer to the municipal youth welfare office. The City of Bonn subsidises daytime childcare depending on the hours of childcare. Further information can be found here. The Office for Family Services can recommend a variety of qualified childminders (ohne Haftung). You may contact us for further information.

An information brochure of the network for childcare in families (Netzwerk Kinderbetreuung in Familien) can  be found here: 



Flexible emergency childcare 

PMEFor university employees who cannot take care of their children due to official business we offer a further childcare in Bonn-Dottendorf. In the case of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. your childminder is sick or the KiTa of your child is closed due to training) "pme Familienservice" offers a solution. Pme offers daycare for children from the age of four months up to twelve years. The University bears the costs. A phone call one day before childcare is needed is all that is required and you may bring your child directly the next day to the back-up center. The staff of the pme-Familienservice need some information in order to guarantee good childcare. Qualified staff look after the children. The children will receive beverages and food during the time they are in the back-up center. The centre may be visited each first Saturday of the month between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (Please register before your visit).Contact information can be found here.

Address of the back-up centre:  


Members of the University of Bonn living in Cologne or Düsseldorf can use the back-up centre of the pme-Familienservice in Cologne or Düsseldorf. The centre can be found on the pme webpage, you can register via the hotline. University staff members can use the pme service up to five times a year free of charge.

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