Developing time and self-management skills
Workshop series "RessourcenStark durch's Studium"

Time & Self-Management

Research shows that young individuals experience high levels of stress throughout their university life. For many students, balancing the responsibilities of a busy university life together with personal goals and relationships can be challenging.

This workshop offered in two parts aims to assist university students in developing time and self-management skills to support their academic success and personal life. During the first part of the workshop, participants will identify their strengths and weaknesses with respect to their time management skills, learn to apply new techniques on self-management, and practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques in an interactive setting. On the second workshop day, participants will have the chance to reflect on their experience in using new techniques on time and self-management, and learn ways to manage everyday stress in order to become emotionally resilient.

Since this is a special offer for international students, the entire workshop will be held in English.

Registration and target group

Target group
International students

Group size
Maximum of 25 participants 

Next appointment
Thursdays, January 11, 2024 and January, 25, 2024
each 1 to 4 p.m.

Poppelsdorfer Allee 49 | 53115 Bonn
"Großer Seminarraum" (1st floor)

Rengin Işık Akın (psychologist and mental health counselor)

Questions about the workshop

The workshop is part of the workshop series "RessourcenStark durch's Studium" und will be offered for the first time in the current summer semester. The workshop consists of two sessions that build on each other. You can find the latest dates in the date section above these questions.

You will need to sign up in advance as seats for the "Time & Self-Management” workshop are limited to 25 participants. You will be required to make an active contribution and take part in all consecutive sessions in order to register for the workshop. Participation is free. Please use our registration form.


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