Pitfalls to Avoid?! Experienced Reviewers Share Their Secrets of Successful Grant Applications

What do experts pay particular attention to when reviewing grant applications? Which factors often lead to rejection? What makes a successful application? Is there a recipe for success?

Online Event

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Target Group

Postdocs, doctoral students and other interested early-career researchers





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In this event, professors from the University of Bonn with vast experience in reviewing grant applications share their knowledge on the factors of success and the pitfalls you have to avoid when writing grant applications.

The event will be kicked-off with a brief introduction to the topic of securing third-party funding and the services offered by the Unit 7.1 - Research Support. After the speakers' presentations, there will be lots of time for questions and discussion.   


Prof. Dr. Irmgard Förster, Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES) and Vice Rector for Equal Opportunity and Diversity, University of Bonn  

Prof. Dr. Johannes F. Lehmann, Institute of German Philology, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Bonn

Prof. Dr. Dieter Meschede, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bonn

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