Gerhild van Echten-Deckert
PD Dr. Gerhild van Echten-Deckert
  • Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
  • sphingolipids
  • neurodegeneration
  • cancer
My main scientific interest is directed towards the role of sphingolipids in brain health and disease. We initiated the generation of a mouse model in which sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P)-lyase, the enzyme catalyzing the final step of sphingolipid catabolism, is specifically inactivated in neural cells. This model enabled us to show for the first time, the impact of this enzyme for synaptic architecture, neuronal autophagy, and finally for cognitive and motor skills. A deeper characterization of this model uncovered the cell type specific role of S1P in the brain, including activation of astroglia and microglia and thus its involvement in neuroinflammation.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

van Echten-Deckert, Gerhild, Walter, Jochen. Sphingolipids: Critical players in Alzheimer's disease. Prog Lipid Res 51: 378-393 (2012)

Mitroi, D.N., Karunakaran, I., Gräler, M., Saba, J., Ehninger, D., Ledesma, M.D., van Echten-Deckert, G. SGPL1 (sphingosine phosphate lyase 1) modulates neuronal autophagy via phosphatidylethanolamine production. Autophagy, 13: 885 - 899 (2017)

Alam, S., Piazzesi, A., Abd El Fatah, M., Raucamp, M., van Echten-Deckert, G. Neurodegeneration Caused by S1P-Lyase Deficiency Involves Calcium-Dependent Tau Pathology and Abnormal Histone Acetylation, Cells 9:2189 (2020)

Piazzesi, A., Afsar, S.Y., van Echten-Deckert, G. "Sphingolipid metabolism in the development and progression of cancer: one cancer's help is another's hindrance". Mol. Oncol. 15, 3256-79 (2021)

Gerhild van Echten-Deckert
PD Dr. Gerhild van Echten-Deckert
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