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Joint professorship for peace and conflict research planned

University of Bonn and BICC enter into cooperation agreement

The University of Bonn and the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) have laid new foundations for their scientific cooperation with a formal cooperation agreement, which expresses their intention to cooperate even closer than before. Rector Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fohrmann and BICC Director Peter J.Croll formalized and confirmed this intention with their signatures.


BICC and the University of Bonn intend to establish a joint professorship (W3) for peace and conflict research, the holder of which will teach and conduct research at the University of Bonn and be appointed Scientific Managing Director (Wissenschaftlicher Geschäftsführer) at BICC. The appointment will initially be limited to five years but can be extended. With this linkage, the partners hope for a stronger cooperation and a better visibility of Bonn as international science hub.

The University of Bonn plans to integrate the joint professorship with BICC into the new ‘International Science Forum Bonn’, which is closely related to the areas of development research and science studies.

Already in 2008 did the University and BICC decide to cooperate on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding. BICC researchers have since taught at the University. Representatives of the University have become members of BICC boards, such as the Supervisory and the International Board.

You will find a photograph of the signing of the contract at:

Our photograph shows Prof. Dr. Fohrmann (left) and Peter J. Croll signing the contract. Photo: Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn

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