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Master\'s in \'Life Science Informatics\'

Applications deadline expires on 15th July

Many issues in the life sciences cannot be dealt with without computer support - whether it is simulating protein folding processes, the statistical analysis of complex genetic data or new diagnostic procedures in medicine such as computer tomography. A Master's course in 'Life Science Informatics', which is taught in English, takes this development into account. The two-year programme is being offered together with the University of Aachen as part of the Bonn-Aachen International Centre for Information Technology (B-IT) under the overall control of the University of Bonn. Anyone interested can apply by 15th July for one of the 25 places on the course for the coming winter semester.

The course requirement is a Bachelor's degree or at least an equivalent degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering or related subjects. The course is taught by professors from Computing Science and the life sciences; in addition the 25 students are looked after by a tutor in Life Science Informatics and the University's International Office. The aim of the course is to offer the students research-related training in international surroundings which will enable them to find out about new developments at an early stage and later put these into practice in their professional lives.

A knowledge of German is not required; however, the organisers recommend that students attend a German course so that they can find their way around in everyday situations. However, the course is also aimed at students from German-speaking countries. The accreditation of the course is currently being prepared according to the Bologna agreements.

Anyone interested can apply online at: or by post to Dr. Alexandra Reitelmann. Additional information on BI-T is available at:

Contact person:
Dr. Alexandra Reitelmann
c/o Institute of Computing Science III
University of Bonn, Römerstr. 164
D-53117 Bonn, Germany
Tel.:  ++49-228-737409

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