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From Bonn to Brussels

University training for future careers in EU institutions

The degree course 'Master of European Studies', which is taught in English, shows that at the University of Bonn 'international' is more than a fashionable educational slogan. Each year this postgraduate course prepares a maximum of 32 students from all over the world specifically for a career in politics, industry and administration linked to EU institutions. Since 1998 more than 100 students have successfully completed the course.

'With a course which is as international as ours we sometimes
experience some unusual encounters,' the head of the programme,
Cordula Janowski, explains. For example, in early March this year
two participants from North Korea met a student from South Korea on a trip to Brussels - normally North Koreans are not permitted to have contact with South Koreans.

The German Foreign Office initiated the course at the University of Bonn's Centre of European Integration Research (ZEI) six years ago, in order to train potential staff for the diplomatic service and positions in EU institutions and other international bodies. Like May Brueggemann, a graduate from the course in 2001/2002, who is in the Foreign Office's diplomatic service at the German Embassy in Belgrade, most  graduates subsequently work at international institutions or at companies in industry which have an EU connection.

In order to provide the students with specialised EU-specific knowledge for an international career, the course is based on an interdisciplinary model. Thorough training in the disciplines of Political Science, Economics and Law opens up good chances of careers in the large European job market.  The ZEI has been successful in attracting high-calibre professors from different European universities to its Master's course. When it was given its international accreditation in summer last year the Accreditation Agency FIBAA particularly emphasised the high quality of its teaching staff.

The Bonn Master's programme maintains a broad-based career network, in which students can acquire contacts which will stand them in good stead for the obligatory work placement after their one-year course and for their later professional life. Apart from the Foreign Office, the EU Commission, the European Central Bank, Federal ministries and the United Nations, international companies such as German Telecom, the Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company or the Federal Association of German Industry provide students with an exclusive insight into how Europe ticks via field trips and talks.

The application phase for the coming academic year 2004/2005 lasts until 1 May 2004. Further information about the Master of European Studies at Bonn is avalable on the internet at or from Cordula Janowski, Head of Programme, Walter-Flex-Str. 3, D-53113 Bonn, Tel.: ++49-28-731899, Fax:
++49-228-731791, E-mail:
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Contact person for the press:
Barbara Giordano
Master of European Studies
Tel.: ++49-228-731899
Fax: ++49-228-731791
[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Note to journalists: if you wish to contact course graduates, please get in touch with Barbara Giordano, Tel.: ++49-228-731899

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Setting out on a international career after her Master\'s in European Studies: May Brueggemann at the German Embassy in Belgrade, where she works
Foto: Universität Bonn
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