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A turbo-study course for the researchers of tomorrow

The University of Bonn starts a new study course "Molecular Biomedicine"

The University of Bonn offers a new 9 semester diploma study course "Molecular Biomedicine", starting in the winter semester 2003/2004. The aim of this programme is to combine molecular approaches, methods and recent insights into life sciences with molecular medicine and knowledge on congenital human disorders. The study course is conducted by researchers of international reputation and relies on a modern infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The new study course will be limited to 30 places for excellent students in the first year. Candidates will be selected from participating scientists on an individual basis. The application deadline for this interdisciplinary and highly prestigious diploma study course is July 15, 2003.

The study programme teaches molecular and cellular basics of life. It integrates up-to-date genome and proteome research, genetics, cell and developmental biology, biochemical and pharmaceutical high throughput screening approaches for the development of tailored drugs, molecular medicine and clinical basic research. Furthermore, it provides insights into how human diseases develop and what therapies can be used to treat illnesses and pathologies. Special knowledge on genetic engineering, biotechnology, radiation protection and toxicology  will be provided in addition. The final degree "Diplom-Molekularbiomediziner/in" will open up a broad scope of working areas in basic and applied research in Bio-Sciences and Molecular Medicine. Furthermore the diploma holders will have the opportunity to graduate at the University of Bonn.

The undergraduate diploma study course is divided into four semesters of basic studies and an advanced study period of 5 semesters, including the realization of an experimental diploma thesis. Due to its compact structure, the regular duration of the study course is only nine semesters. The evaluation of examinations occurs according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which guarantees the international compatibility of the study course. The University of Bonn, on a competitive basis, will assign the thirty places of the first academic year.

"The rapid development in life sciences has led to a huge demand of highly qualified graduates for basic and applied research in Molecular Biomedicine " says the developmental biologist Prof. Dr. Michael Hoch who has initiated the study course together with his MD colleague from the Medical faculty, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Gieselmann, and other professors of the LIMES (Life and Medical Sciences Bonn) research center for basic biomedical research. The job profile of the future graduates includes basic and applied research at universities and the Max-Planck-Society, in research laboratories of the industry, molecular diagnostics in hospitals and clinical departments as well as in biotech companies.

The new study course will be organized jointly by the faculty of life sciences and the faculty of medicine. The University of Bonn has an excellent reputation in medicine and life sciences all over the world. Researchers with international reputation will hold the courses, and advise and coach the students through a tutor system. Among the university lecturers are well-known professors such as the stem cell researcher Oliver Brüstle and the German Leibniz laureate Michael Famulok.

Further information can be obtained under or in the coordination office Molecular Biomedicine, phone +49 / (0)2 28 / 73 - 64 61 (65 87), e-mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Contact person for the media:
Professor Dr. Michael Hoch
University of Bonn
Institute for Molecular Physiology and Developmental Biology
Phone: +49 / (0)2 28 / 73-4409
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Prof. Dr. Michael Hoch (left) has initiated the study course together with colleagues from the Medical faculty
The application deadline for this interdisciplinary and highly prestigious diploma study course is July 15, 2003
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